People Share What They Think Is the Worst Thing to Wake up to in the Morning

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How your day starts is crucial to how the rest of the day is gonna play out.

If you start off on the wrong foot, it’s gonna be a looooooong day…and you’ll probably be in a pretty bad mood.

So, what do you think is the worst thing to wake up to in the morning.

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. The fuzz!


I woke up to police chasing a guy through our yard. He tripped over the bikes I had leaning against the house right where my bedroom is. That’s the only reason the cops got him.

There was so much yelling and threats to shoot until finally the guy cooperated.”

2. That’s pretty scary.

“Fell asleep in the living room of my childhood home, and woke up to the sound of my front door being rammed and the DEA busting into my house like something out of Rainbow Six Siege.

My family and I were held at gun point while they searched the entire house. After about an hour they explained they got bad information and said they would fix the damage (busted doors, etc), they never did.

This was in Detroit.”

3. Better get to work!

“A call from work wondering where I’ve been all morning.”

4. This is terrible.

“Got woken up by my dad early in the morning to inform me that my mother had passed away in the room across the hall from me.

Worst part was that she was only sleeping there to look after a pup that was recently born from the two dogs we had at the time, otherwise my dad might’ve woken up and been able to do something about it.

The pup ended up crying late at night before or during her heart failure that I ended up passing off as it’s really not that uncommon but it really makes me question if I could’ve done something or not to help her before it happened, think about it regularly. Calling work and breaking down to my pos boss wasn’t great either, but hey, shit day.”

5. Time to panic.

“Waking up to 30+ missed calls with a brutal hangover and can’t remember what you did last night but you know it wasn’t good.


6. Where the hell am I?

“Waking up in a pitch black room naked ,still drunk and having no fucking clue where you or any of your clothes are.

I tend to sleep walk when i go to bed black out , i’ve woken up in some weird places.”

7. Had a little accident.

“The end of that dream where you really need a pee, and start to feel the satisfaction of warming release.”

8. No thanks!

“The sounds of your parents having sex.

I once did. I was at the age where you should kind of be waking yourself up but you are also young (I was like 9-10 at the time I think) and I went downstairs to my parents room to ask why they didn’t wake me up. I go downstairs and into the hallway where their room is.

As I walk down the hall I hear a weird noise and when I am about 4 metres away I hear my mom moaning and whimpering like she is trying to be quiet but also is very into it. I was mortified and I just sat in my bed for a couple minutes just wondering why I had to witness that. After that my parents yelled at me for not being ready for the bus.”

9. The bad old days.

“My first studio apartment had a gay male prostitute for a neighbor. The sounds of the guys who were into BDSM was most unpleasant to wake up to. A punch sound and a moan. FOR HOURS.

A time of grim poverty in my life thanks to some terrible decisions I had made about acquiring debt. I learned from my mistakes.

Retired at 58.”

10. Fire!

“Was just woken by the wife telling me a bush fire was threatening our house.

Spent the last couple of hours getting it under control.

Not the best tenth anniversary present.”

11. Medical emergency.

“Opening your eyes only to see that you’re on the front porch, in your mother’s arms, and an ambulance pulling up into the driveway. I stared at it, and passed out again a few seconds later. I woke up late the next day.

Turns out I had a severe epileptic seizure.

Scary shit.

12. That sucks.

“Woke up to 3 firemen banging on my door to my apartment room. Hoped out of my bed into a pool of water. Instantly realized what was going on and ran into my bathroom to turn off the tub and sink.

Opened the door to those fireman and my roommate with his hands over his head and looked around to see my apartment flooded. I slept walked and turned on the bath and my sink.”

13. She sounds like a gem.

“My ex girlfriend was batshit crazy and woke me up with throwing a huge cup of water on my face. She then proceeded to tell at me for hours about how I was a pice of shit and how I had no future and that I wasn’t a man. She ended up cheating on me.

Now I wake up alone but it’s better than that.”

14. That is not fun.

“A tornado alarm, shit is so fucking scary.”

15. This story is really something.

“A few years ago I was awoken at probably 5am, sun was just starting to appear, by the most rancid stench I have ever experienced. It was so rank that it woke me out of a sound sleep. I am unwakable. I will silence alarms in my sleep. I have slept through hurricanes.

But this stench slapped me in the face so hard that I was up and ready to fight it at the first grasp of consciousness my body had. At first I thought it was some serious ass dog poop, but my bedroom door was still shut and it would be super weird since my dog doesn’t have a history of pooping in the house.

So I go on a manhunt for the source of this god awful aroma and I absolutely cannot figure it out. Nothing on the floor, under the bed, on the bed, in the closet, in any piece of furniture etc. I open the window, partially to let in some fresh air and partially to see if it’s coming from outside.

Then I walk by my python’s enclosure one more time and realize that it is the epicenter of this horrific nightmare fume. I couldn’t see much through the barely sunlit room, so I flip the light-switch on to see the side of her enclosure covered in a dried, crusty liquid and some bits of unidentifiable chunks.

Absolutely disgusted, I have no choice but to get closer and inspect this hazmat crime scene to find out what the fuck happened and see if she was still okay. She was fine, but coiled up at the opposite end of her enclosure with her head poking up at me. Pleading. Begging. “Please. Please human. Kill me”.

She had escaped the day before and had been fed the day before that. If you don’t know much about caring for snakes, you have to let them rest and digest about 72 hours after eating otherwise they can and most likely will vomit.

Do you know what snake vomit looks like? It’s just a whole animal with the head half partially dissolved in acid depending on how long it was inside the snake.

In this case, I looked over and saw a rat’s ass from the hip bones down, organs spilled everywhere and goo covering every inch of the enclosure on that side. She had decided to puke the rat’s ass directly onto her heat rock, where some of it had been deflected everywhere and the rest had been actively baking while I’d been sleeping. The sight coupled with the scent made me lose it, I vomited all over the floor.

I go and grab some cleaning supplies, toss her into a bin and soak a t-shirt in perfume to tie around my mouth and nose while I attack this revolting puke-pocalypse. A

s I’ve got my head in her enclosure, straining to hold my breath and trying to squint as much as possible so I don’t have to see it as much, I turn to throw another wad of dirty paper towels into the bag I had opened up on the floor behind me to see my dog snacking on them. I vomited again.

Overall, it took me an hour to get the enclosure clean, I had to give her a half hour soak but babysit her while trying not to fall asleep so she didn’t try to submerge her head in Dawn, I had to brush my dog’s teeth and the smell didn’t leave my room for a week. Even with my windows open, 3 wallflowers and fan going 24/7.”

Yikes! Let’s hope NONE of us have to wake up to any of those things anytime soon.

What about you?

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever woken up to in your whole life?

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