People Share What They Thought People Exaggerated About Until They Tried It Themselves

Have you ever been staunchly against something and you continuously talked s**t about it…only to realize later that it’s pretty awesome?

I think it’s happened to pretty much all of us!

And, hey, there’s nothing wrong with changing your mind about things over time, so don’t sweat it.

Take a look at what AskReddit users had to say about this.


“Kidney stone.

Most people expect it to hurt the most when passing a stone through the urethra. Nothing prepared me for the pain as it passed through my kidney/ ureter.

One second I would be fine, carrying on conversations, prancing around nimbly-bimbly. The next second I would be keeled over, crying in agony, losing my lunch due to the sudden onset of crippling pain.

0/10 … Would not recommend…”


“The difference between humid and dry heat.

Yeah I went to Darwin and around the NT once, in December/January. >35° and >75% humidity on the average day, it was brutal.

The air was so heavy I could taste it, and no break from sweating buckets the minute you set foot outside. Oh and on top of that, there’s the bush flies that drive you mad.”

The good stuff.

“How great home-grown fruits and vegetables are.

I figured that was just gardener talk justifying their time-consuming hobby. Then I bought a house where the previous owner had a vegetable garden and orchard. That spring I saw these things coming up out of the ground and thought “is that asparagus?”.

Cut them and cooked them and they were incredible Then, the plums ripened. I never even liked plums but I thought I’d try one so I pulled it off the tree and bit into it – “well, that’s not bad. Pretty juicy” (fresh picked fruit is far juicier than the stuff in stores).

So anyway I ate another plum and then another and the next thing I know I’ve been standing there eating plums for like five minutes and the juice is literally – I mean literally – running down my arms and dripping off my elbows.

And those hard and sour strawberries you buy in stores are nothing like soft sweet strawberries slightly warm from the sun that never make it into the house because you just sit in the garden eating them as fast as you pick them. And of course… tomatoes.

OMG. Once you start growing your own you will never be able to buy another one in a supermarket.”

That’s weird.

“Seeing stars

Thought it was an exaggeration until I had a very bad coughing fit, and suddenly I’m seeing…stars.

Perfectly fitting terminology.”


“You know that grief you see in dramatic movies when someone gets horrible news via phone call and just crumples to the floor wailing?

Always felt like melodrama to me.

Until I got the call that there had been an accident and my dad had d**d.”



After 3 days, you don’t even have a sense of self. You become a zombie of exhaustion. When your asshole brain finally gives you a break, you sleep like 4 hours.

Enough to flush part of the waste out of the brain matter but not to function in any capacity. I only had this level of insomnia ONCE in my life and it has convinced me of the need to have a machine to help put you under. F**k that.

The human brain is amazing but so f**king stupid at the same time. Like bro, I know we are stressed but if we don’t keep working, you are going to be stressed AND starving!”


“Hot Flashes. I didn’t think they were this bad.

I’m a 31 year old man who took Wellbutrin for the past month and hot flashes are a side effect.

I thought you just thought you were hot. No motherfucker you are.

You’re super hot legitimately, and you have to do something about it or you’ll go insane. It’s not in your head. It’s your brain raising your temps until you can’t focus on anything else.”



When I was in junior high my dad had an injury at work that ultimately resulted in a pretty bad opiate addiction. I didn’t understand how someone could prioritize a pill to such an extent or how awful they could be if they didn’t have it.

And then I grew into a person with crippling anxiety who discovered Xanax. The rest is a decade-long story of how I learned empathy and a lot of other hard lessons.

But to have been so naive…”



Splitting head, nausea, ringing ears, light hurts, sound hurts, moving brings pain, dizziness, muscles cramp, even my teeth hurt. Until I finally fall asleep from exhaustion.

But then, 45 minutes later when I wake up, a euphoria that is unmatched by anything I’ve ever experienced.”

Now you know.


I had no clue why my friend would just randomly flip the f**k out.

Whelp…now I do…and I feel terrible for not being a better friend.”

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