People Share What They’ve Learned From Living Through 2020

Yikes…I know I’m probably preaching to the choir, but I’m ready to get this awful year over with already.

The scary thing is that we still have to live through the 2020 election and its aftermath, so who really knows what’s lurking right around the corner? Let’s hope things go relatively smoothly and we can go into 2021 in a somewhat calm manner.

But one thing’s for sure: this year has taught all of us a whole lot.

Let’s get real about 2020 with AskReddit users.

1. What to do with the time?

“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.

I thought that with all the extra time I had I would get so much more done.

Turns out I just need to get a lot better at time management.”

2. It gets worse.

“Your day can feel bad but it can get worse.

Bart: This is the worst day of my life

Homer: This is the worst day of your life…so far.”

3. It’s important.

“How important saving money is.

We had a 6 month emergency fund saved up, and the peace of mind was priceless.

We’ve made sure we stay out of debt as well.”

4. Works for you.

“That I love isolation.

It’s so good for reducing my anxiety.

I would like it if everything was virtual for the rest of my life.”

5. Let’s get back to reason, people.

“People will decide their position on major political issues based simply on which cult they follow rather than any reasoning or logic even in the face of clear evidence.”

6. The way it is.

“I think 2020 shows us the great divide of the haves and have nots.

Some people are really hurting right now. Others are totally fine or are thriving.

You’ll see more of one group than the other depending on your socioeconomic class.”

7. Not a great time.

“Life kinda sucks.

We go to work, half of us hate our jobs, we go home, we do normal, mundane things, to go bed, and repeat. Covid has definitely made me realize there’s a lot more to life than just being a work drone.

And it also taught me that I don’t have many close friends. Quarantine has been very lonely, but it’s forcing me to make more connections with people, which I have needed to do for a while.”

8. It’s up to you.

“The person who will take the best care of me, is me.

People will come to you and you will have a social life without bending over backwards to try to make friends.

And also that some people will only live their own version of the truth even if reality it’s biting them in the *ss.”

9. This is unfortunate.

“That no matter how dangerous something is and how obvious the evidence is, there will be some people who just won’t listen.

Honestly we expect adults to listen to an end of the world scenario when they can’t even do the simple fact of putting on a mask and staying home?

10. Good advice.

“Future is unpredictable so build the skillsets, build hobbies that you can keep for longterm, and work on mental health.

Create a good schedule so you can always create time for things you want to do.”

11. Very true.

“Life is always subject to change.

Get out there and do the things you want to do because one day you may not be able to.”

12. Don’t know a thing.

“That I really don’t understand things as well as I thought.

I really thought I knew what to expect from pretty much everything around me but I was wrong so many times over this year. I thought my marriage was solid- it wasn’t.

I thought that people would come together in times of crisis- they don’t. I thought my family would stick by me- they didn’t.

I’ve realized I don’t know a thing.”

13. Ouch.

“That spending 24/7 with a romantic partner isn’t a good idea.

So many quarantine break ups and I just honestly wonder if my ex was the right woman at the wrong time.”

14. Life can be cruel.

“Life doesn’t care about your plans.

In short, this year would be huge for me, last year i dropped out of college because i hated it, decided to study home for the last 6 months left of 2019, then applied to the course i wanted in university, failed…

2020 starts i am going to a course to prepare for new university exams, basically high school but better in my case, and most important i had to physically take the bus and go there, which was so much better than staying at home and be extra depressed and bored… and then COVID came along.”

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