People Share Who’d They’d Look for First if They Were in a Room With Everyone They’ve Ever Met

It’s hard to think about the people who have already passed away and who will pass away in our lives.

That’s why it’s important for all of us to appreciate the time we get to spend with those we care about.

People on AskReddit talked about who they’d look for first if they were in a room with every person they’ve ever met in their life.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Grandpa.

“My grandfather.

He d**d when I was around 5, and I loved him as much as my parents.

Although I don’t remember much of him, I would really want to sit down and talk to him, get to know him…I miss him.”

2. Sad.

“My cousin. He d**d last year after being struck by a car.

He was 10 years younger than me and like a little brother.

His birthday is one day before mine. My birthday is going to hit different this year.”

3. The pain is still there.

“My daughter. She was 9 years old when she passed 14 years ago.

The pain never goes away.

I so loved being her dad. We will meet again.”

4. Thank you.

“A man pulled a teenage me out of a crowd at the Minnesota state fair 17 years ago.

He insisted that studying abroad was the best choice he every made and that if I did it, I wouldn’t regret it.

He shoved a sign-up booklet into my arms and passionately implored me to fill it out.

I could tell he meant it.

Six months later I received my acceptance into the Rotary Student Exchange program. I was off to Japan.

This not only changed my life forever, but that of my families.

The Japanese girl they hosted for a year was just my sister’s maid-of-honor.

I now speak four languages. I’m married and live in Beijing.

…and none of this would have happened if I hadn’t been right there at that exact moment or if he had grabbed someone else.

I’d just like to find him and tell him “Thank you, you were right.””

5. From the meet0-up group.

“I used to be in a meet-up group that gathered once a month or so. One of the members, who I never really talked to, had a girlfriend who was dope.

Every time she came along to a meet up, we instantly clicked and spent the whole event chatting.

I wanted to exchange info so that we could keep in contact, but I’d always forget when we saw each other.

One day her girlfriend (the actual group member) shows up and tells us that they had a nasty breakup.

I seriously contemplated asking for her ex’s number because I really wanted to be her friend.

I’d look for her.”

6. Time to apologize.

“My ex best friend.

That was my first true friend, used to sleep over his house and his mom always hugged me when seeing me even when he wasn’t around.

I ended up talking to this college girl he liked (we were both seniors in high school so it was kind of a big deal).

I knew he liked her but didn’t think he took it seriously, I also didn’t take it seriously and me and the girl never did anything. Not even a kiss.

I think it was genuinely just the betrayal of me giving a girl attention that he made it known he was into that did it for him.

He has pretty low self esteem so I think it triggered that in him as well.

Anyway, that was my fu**ing boy and I miss him all the time.

Wish I could sincerely say I’m sorry but that’s a relationship that will never be what it used to be due to the damage.”

7. Terrible.

“My wife. She took her own life 5 months ago.

Please ask for help, and think of what you will miss.

I’m still fu**ing crushed while trying to figure out how to move on.”

8. Forgiveness.

“The boy who had cerberal palsey and slowly got more paralyzed as he grew older and eventually d**d at 13 years old.

I used to bully him in middle school for the way he walks, he d**d almost 6 years ago now and ever since then I wish I could have told him that I was sorry for being such a complete a**hole to him all those years ago.”

9. Where’d she go?

“My first ever crush.

We went to different middle schools and I lost touch.

Always wanted to know what she looks like now, if she has a family, and if she’s happy.”

10. How about now?

“My manager from when I was a teenager.

I was in love with her and asked her if she’d consider going out with me when I was in college.”

11. I’m going that way.

“My ex.

I’d like to never speak to her again, so if I knew where she was in the room, I could avoid her.

I’ve been out of mental health counseling for months now, and I have no intention on going back.”

12. Just for a minute.

“My brother who passed 5 years ago. Even if he would technically be a zombie in this scenario.

And even if he weren’t alive at all. Just want to share existence with him for another minute or two.”

How about you?

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