People Show off Their Customer Service Voices and They’re Seriously Satisfying

If you’ve ever worked in customer service, then you’ve definitely used “the voice.” Somehow, any ordinary voice is never cheerful enough for management.

If you don”t sound like your vocal chords are smiling until they snap, then you’re doing it wrong.

Here are 12 customer service veterans showing us that they’ve still got the switch between normal and AI-level-cheerful down pact.

1. Staples

Hey man, I get you. You do not want to tick any Karens off while they do their back-to-school shopping.


2. Whoa, just whoa

I’d 100% agree with this person’s assessment of their own skills. Craft: perfected.


IG:Lynsey_Melissa #customerservice #customerservicevoice #workingcustomerservice #customersbelike #lesbiansover30 #fakeit #customerserviceproblems

♬ original sound – Lynsey 🧿💕

3. Pharmacy techs assemble

I can really see the pain just swimming in her eyes.


I mean… #customerservicevoice #cpht #pharmacytech #DoItBold

♬ original sound – Brice

4. Service voice 101

I’d say this girl pretty much mastered the technique of being non-threatening.


Normal voice vs. Customer service voice…😳🤦🏼‍♀️ #fyp #foryoupage #customerservicevoice

♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling

5. Who is she?

This one is absolutely unrecognizable.


I don’t know who she is #fyp #customerservicevoice

♬ original sound – CactASH

6. Starbucks

The register and placement shift here is insane.


7. That barista life

I appreciate how she broke it down into two different voices. It definitely provides some much-needed nuance here.


Be honest with me, how bad is it? #customerservicevoice#customerservice#barista#baristaproblems#fyp#foryoupage#YouWantMore#HalloweenLook

♬ original sound – Alexandria

8. The magic mouse

I’m starting to think that all Disney employees have a chip implanted into their brains.


just a little ~taste~ of my guest service voice #disney #customerservice #guestservice #customerservicevoice

♬ original sound – Amanda | amand_alor on twitch

9. The happiest place on Earth

Seriously, it is insane how they made this girl actually put on an American accent for work. Like, what, is any other one too threatening?


10. Anchors away!

Ever wondered what news anchors actually sound like off-the-clock? Well, here’s your chance to find out.


Does a “news voice” count as a customer service voice? #customerservicevoice #news #newsanchor #newsreporter #voice

♬ original sound – Viktoria Capek

11. Major code switching ahead

Seriously, somebody give this woman an award for a palpable shift like this.


12. Oh my goodness

Alexis here straight up sounds like an automated messaging system when she’s working for State Farm.


Well, I think it’s safe to say that there are promising careers in voice over work for those folks, if they ever choose to pursue it. Some of those changes were absolutely mind-blowing.

Have you ever had to whip out the customer service voice? Share your voice-morphing magic with us in the comments!