Every industry has dirty secrets that are kept from the public to prevent mass panic or whatever. But when coder Myk Bylokonsky asked Twitter users to share information that could enrage public citizens, they totally came through – panic or no.

Some of these “secrets” are relatively harmless, but others confirmed that there are many industries that just shouldn’t be trusted. Here’s a sample of secrets we should know about.

10. Your Information Isn’t Safe

Myk answered his own question first.

9. Recycling Won’t Solve the Problem

What a bummer.

8. Petitions Are Just List-Building Tools

At least he’s honest.

7. Video Games Adapt to You

They don’t want you to get bored or dejected.

6. Libraries Actually Throw Books Out

Well, sometimes.

5. We Don’t Really Know if 401Ks Work

We’re still awaiting results…

4. Opera Singers Pay for Auditions

They literally pay to have a chance at getting a gig.

3. Stand-Up Comics Often Perform at Corporate Events

We all have to pay the bills!

2. Professors Aren’t Taught to Teach

It makes sense that they’ll bore you, sometimes.

1. You Don’t Actually Have to Pay for Knowledge

As long as you ask nicely.

Myk’s original tweet still has a lot of replies. Some of these secrets are benign, and others are quite chilling. Are you an industry expert that would like to share a secret or two about your field? Share in the comments so we can all be better-informed.