People Talk About Different Ways You Can Use Everyday Products

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Life hacks are good no matter what. I think we can all agree on that, right?

See that wrench? Here’s another use for it! Those knitting needles? Use them for this as well!

The possibilities are pretty endless for what we can use everyday items for, to be honest with you. And we’re about to get a whole lot of great tips in that department.

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Scuba.

“Scuba diver here. Instead of using those expensive defogger gels and sprays on your mask, smear a bunch of dish soap in it, rinse once or twice, and your mask will never fog during the dive.

You can also use this method to keep your windshield from fogging. Smear a bunch of dish soap on a towel, then rub it all over the inside of your windshield.

Take another damp towel and rub the soap off until your wind shield is clear. I did this 3 weeks ago and have not had to defog a single time since.”

2. Good advice.

“Bleach to keep away cockroaches. I used to get big *ss cockroaches in the summer that came up my drain.

My exterminator told me to pour 1 cup of bleach down my drain each week. You have to pour it down the drain in the room you see them. I started 18 months ago and haven’t seen a cockroach since.”

3. Use it!

“Clear nail polish:

Prevent skin going green from brass

Permanently stop fabric from fraying

Same goes with yarn

Seal paint.”

4. I did not know that!

“Toilet seat covers are the same as blotting paper for oily skin.”

5. Just in case…

“Corn starch is a good blood coagulant if you need to stop bleeding…”

6. In the Army.

“Vagisil for chafing.

It’s antibacterial, lubricating, and an anesthetic. I learned that in the army.”

7. Donate them!

“Clean mascara wands are used in animal shelters to soothe the animals by brushing, and to remove fly eggs and larva from fur.”

8. Cool!

“If you have a highlighter that’s dying, take the “pen” part of it out of the casing and soak it in nail polish remover.

It will revitalize it to working like new.”

9. Use ’em!

“Coffee grounds are quite versatile. Among other things, you can use them for:

A soil additive to improve the pH balance for plants

Place them in a refrigerator to neutralize odors

Scour pots and pans

De-icing your steps and driveway

An ant repellent

An exfoliating scrub for your skin.”

10. Good to know!

“Use salt as an abrasive and absorber when cleaning. I spray my stove top with a general household cleaner then sprinkle salt liberally over the top. It gets grease out easily.

For liquid stains like wine, I pour salt over the stain to soak up excess liquid then come through with hydrogen peroxide. Finally I get absorbent towels and dab clean it.”

11. Very versatile.

“Vinegar is amazing.

It can be used as a cheap household cleaner, refresh the coffee maker, and it can cure foot fungus and jock itch.”

12. Give it a shot.

“Antiperspirant can also be used between your thighs and under your boobs.

It stops chaffing from rubbing and sweat in those areas.”

13. Time to tune up.

“If you have a landline telephone, the dial tone is a concert F.

By holding the phone to your ear and your finger on the first fret of the first string of your guitar (for example) you can use the dial tone as a reference pitch and accurately tune up without a tuner.”

14. It works wonders!

“Keep a bag of cat litter in the trunk of the car, in case you need extra traction if you get stuck in ice or snow.”

Do you have any good tips on how to use everyday objects for secondary uses?

If so, please share them with us in the comments!

Thanks in advance!