People Talk About Famous Folks Who Have Done Terrible Things but People Still Like Them

We live in a system where people with money and power are treated differently than regular folks.

It’s just the way it works, unfortunately…

And that means that high-profile people occasionally get away with horrible things.

AskReddit users talked about famous people who have done horrible things but are still popular.

Check out what they had to say.

This is nuts.

“Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

Fans signed over legal custody of their daughter to him at 16 y/o, he then r**ed and drugged her for a couple of years, made her get an a**rtion and then dumped her back to her “parents” home.”

Movie star.

“Salman Khan

Not the academy guy,but the Indian actor

He has connections with underworld, he was known to be a**sive to all his GF.

He dr**k drove a Range Rover over a bunch of pedestrians and then used his influence to make all the witness lie that it was his driver who did it

He k**led an endangered deer and then tried his best to threaten the local community to withdraw the complaint

His movies are all c**p but he has a huge fanatic following.”


“Dr. Phil.

He knows he’s exploiting mentally ill teens/young adults for views on his show.

Plus the ab**e allegations from the ranch where he sent tons of kids/teens to go for weeks.”

Do you know about this one?

“Gloria Trevi.

Well know Mexican singer who, with her ex boyfriend, human trafficked 30 underage girls at least.

Her boyfriend received all the charges and she’s still touring and suing anyone for making comments on the matter.”


“Roman Polanski.

I had no idea he did any of the stuff he did! I watched his adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and looked him up afterwards.

His wiki is just like “yup, he’s a movie director alright!” With basically the side note that he’s a pe**phile. Dudes just in France, still making movies like nothing happened. What the hell?”


“George Santos hasn’t spoken a single word of truth and he’s still a member of Congress…”

That’s messed up.

“Bill Murray’s wife divorced him because he was an a**sive al**holic.

He ‘joked’ with Geena Davis when she auditioned for the one movie he directed by making her use a v**rator on a bed in front of him when she didn’t want to. He threw a female producer into a lake on the set of ‘What About Bob’.

One of his most recent movies shut down production when he grabbed a young PA, held her down on a bed and pretended to have s** with her, then threw a fit when no one in the cast or crew laughed.”


“Deshaun Watson. Quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

Was sued by 24 women for s**ual a**ault last year. He paid 23 of them off to “settle” the suits.

Browns (knowing this information) gave him the largest contract in NFL history.

Lebron has been vocal about his support for Deshaun and has chosen to make the Cleveland browns his NFL team.”

Guitar hero.

“Eric Clapton.

Turns out he’s just a massive r**ist piece of s**t.”


“People seem to forget that Mike Tyson is a convicted r**ist.

Often they actively defend him and use all sorts of mental leaps to justify it.

This includes vilifying his victim.”


“The Red Hot Chili Peppers, who are a bunch of f**king creeps.

Flea and Chad Smith were arrested for s**ual a**ault, Anthony Kiedis has admitted to statutory r**e in his autobiography, and there are countless incidents where they’re incredibly inappropriate with women.

The one I always link has gone missing from YouTube, but they bend her over a couch and nearly get her dress off on video and she clearly doesn’t like it.

Spread the word. Too many people have no idea about these guys and their history. They repeatedly get a free pass.”

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