People Talk About Little-Known Facts That Might Help Save Lives

Knowledge is power, people!

And sometimes that knowledge can even save your life

We’re about to hear from a bunch of people who want to share facts with all of us that we may need to remember and rely on someday…so just keep these in the back of your mind.

Let’s take a look at some facts that AskReddit users think could save lives.

1. Be careful.

“You can still drown up to 72 hours after a non-fatal drowning or other aquatic incident via water remaining in your lungs afterwards and causing edema (swelling).

Shortness of breath, wheezing or raspy breathing, chest pain are all signs to look for and one should get medically checked out ASAP, even without any symptoms after a near-drowning/aquatic incident it is highly recommended.”

2. Twister knowledge.

“If a tornado looks like it’s still, it’s moving towards you.

And smaller and narrow doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not powerful.”

3. Safety first.

“Preferably wear neon orange if going in the woods.

Same for all the joggers, bicyclists and walkers-Including your dog- so many people appear as dappled shadows when you’re driving-all times of the day not just in twilight.

I’ve had some scary moments avoiding people and oncoming traffic!”

4. Seizures.

“Do NOT put anything in the mouth of someone having a seizure. They cannot choke on their own tongue, but they can choke on a wallet, belt, etc.

DO turn them on their side, time the seizure, and call 911.”

5. Dangerous stuff.

“Do not mix household chemicals unless you know specifically what the result will be.

Specifically do not mix bleach with anything other than water.”

6. Tsunami warning.

“If you’re at a coastline and the ocean is missing, a tsunami is on its way and everyone within a mile of the coast should leave very quickly. You want to head to high ground.

I lived in Hilo, Hawaii for 20 years. Lots of tsunami lore there. Much of the waterfront in Hilo has been turned into a large park. It used to be covered with houses and businesses.

Whenever I watch videos of the Boxing Day Tsunami, at those fine beaches in Thailand, where tourists are walking out as the water sucks out… Yikes! Anybody from Hilo would be screaming at them to get back.

The beach I used to go to most was at the base of a cliff. It would have been pretty safe at the top of the cliff, although I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the edge.”

7. Deadly stuff.

“Have a regular schedule to check your gas pipes, gas convector, water heater,
anything that can produce carbon monoxide.

It’s a silent killer.”

8. Scary.

“If someone is buried in sand or dirt (or anything heavy like that), it’s not enough to simply dig their heads out.

You have to dig out the area around their chest as well because if their chest can’t expand, they still can’t breathe.

Or SNOW. Avalanches can bury you so tightly your chest can’t expand even a little bit.

Terrifying to think about.”

9. Doesn’t work that way.

“Drowning people don’t flail around and scream. This is why there are usually spotters (the guys and girls in the chairs) and rescue (the guys and girls on the shore/around the edge).

Spot the person who comes up and goes down rather than the screaming flailing people who are playing.”

10. Keep it up.

“If you’re driving or are a passenger in a car, make sure to put your head rest up behind your head.

Keeps your neck from snapping in an accident.

Even minor accidents can really mess you up.”

11. Wow.

“You do not have to have a lump to have breast cancer.

I had Inflammatory Breast Cancer and it is actually on your skin. It is one of the deadliest forms of breast cancer.

If you have a sunburn look on your breast, an inverted nipple or your breast skin texture changes to feel more like an orange peel you will want to get check ASAP.”

12. For diabetics.

“If a diabetic is unconscious or confused they need sugar, NOT insulin.

Unfortunately many die because people do not know about the risks of low blood sugar and refuse to help a confused person who can’t speak clearly find some juice/candy.

Asking for a candy as an emergency is a valid thing, people literally die if they don’t get it, it could save so many lives if people knew it and didn’t think this is absurd.”

13. Just in case.

“If you are going away from civilization plan to wear or carry something in an unnatural color.

This can help searchers find you.”

14. Good info.

“Learn to recognize the symptoms of a stroke.

What is a stroke?

Basically, it means that blood flow to a part of your brain gets blocked. Without oxygen, that part dies off in mere minutes. If you’re lucky, you may survive with minor to no lasting effects.

But if you’re unfortunate, you may permanently lose the ability to speak, hear, see, become paraplegic, lose feeling in parts of your body, suffer severe personality changes, lose your memory and so on and so on. You may end up becoming permanently disabled and needing lifelong assistance.

Luckily, a stroke can be treated in a hospital and damage can be minimized.

However, literally every second counts, and the amount of damage is defined by how long a patient is left untreated.

Learning to recognize a stroke is easy: just remember this

FAST stands for:

Face: Tell the person to smile. Watch if their face droops.

Arms: Tell them to raise their arms. Watch for a weak arm or the inability to lift an arm.

Speech: Ask them to state simple phrase. Slurred speech or strange-sounding words are symptoms.

Time: Each passing minute counts. Call 911 immediately!”

How about you?

Do you have any facts to add to this conversation?

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