People Talk About The Celebs They Really Hope Are Nice In Real Life

I think most of us are well aware that you can never really know another person, and so that obviously goes for celebrities and other famous folks as well.

That said, we sometimes get attached to the idea that certain people are good and nice, and finding out otherwise can be a bit hard to take.

Here are the 16 celebrities these people would be super sad to find out weren’t that nice at all.

16. He basically raised us.

Grant Imahara. RIP, he’s one of my role models.

Grant was a death that didn’t really hit me at first, which surprised me, because mythbusters may as well be my main personality trait. MB basically raised me, and had an unparalleled effect on how I look at the world.

But when Grant died, it was just another minor celebrity death to me. I thought, you know, I’ll be a lot sadder when Adam or Jaime go.

Until I read all the things other people like me said about him. All the ways that he, specifically, informed who they are today.

He had a profound influence on a lot of people that I did not expect.

15. It must be true.

Alan Rickman probably. He plays bad so well, but comes across very sweet and nurturing in interviews.

Someone I know who’s really connected in Hollywood once told me that there are two types people who play evil characters: The biggest assholes in the world and the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

I ran into Billy Zabka (villain of Karate Kid, star of Cobra Kai) once at a convenience store and told him I really loved the show, and he so appreciative I could tell I really made his day. He just kept smiling at me as I walked to my car.

14. Finger’s crossed!

Nick Offerman.

He stayed at a hotel I worked at! I had two jobs and missed him at both 🙁 but by all accounts everyone said he has very polite and nice, and everyone said Megan Mullally was a total sweetheart

13. This sounds real.

David Tennant.

I was walking with a friend in Chiswick around 10 years ago. While I was talking my friends ear off, David Tennant and his wife walked past us. I was too busy gas bagging to notice, but my friend told me “David Tennant just walked past us”. I turned around to see him walking away.

Not to be deterred, I did a 180 and power walked past them up to the bus stop just up ahead. I stood at the time table pretending to be deeply engaged reading it, but blatantly staring at him as he was walking past again.

I’m a 190cm tall guy with shoulder length hair, so it’s safe to say I pulled of this operation with all the discretion of an over excited rhinoceros. As he was waking by the bus stop, he looked right at me, clearly fully aware of my antics, gave me a big smile and nodded at me.

It was only a small half-interaction, but the empathy involved he showed makes it extremely difficult for me to believe he’s any less personable and kind than he appears to be in interviews.

12. I feel confident saying he’s great.

Paul Rudd.

He seems like he has it all figured out. Always smiling. Always nice.

I love his appearance on that Hot Ones show.

“Looks at us!”

I love that guy.

11. I would love her no matter what.

Julie Andrews. She just seems so genuinely lovely.

She had lunch at a restaurant I worked at and she was an absolute DARLING. So polite, patient, and warm towards the staff.

10. He seems like a great human.

Mr Rogers.

Did you read the story about how this blind girl was worried about his fish because he never talked about feeding his fish so when he heard about her concern, he started saying “I’m feeding my fish now” everyday at sign off.

9. More love, please.

Alan Tudyk. He’s my favorite scene chewing villain, my favorite alien, my favorite chicken.

The last thing I read about him was he helped his wife out on the set of Peacemaker with choreography.

Recently found out he played a dumb toucan in Encanto and I was like. Of course it’s Alan Tudyk.

The man is amazing and talented and doesn’t get near as much love as he deserves.

8. I feel like she could go either way.

I’m gonna go with a name I don’t see mentioned very much on reddit, Angela Lansbury.

7. We all have our days.

Robin Williams.

He had his moments, but he was always open with his demons. If his honesty helped one person rehab out of drugs and/or alcohol, I feel he would’ve been overjoyed to know that.

6. But he left us!

The original host for Blue’s Clues, Steve Burns.

5. It just doesn’t seem right.

It’d be a rude awakening to find out Danny Devito took notes from Epstein.

4. She’s perfect in every way.

Dolly Parton.

She’s a national treasure and a prolific songwriter. She has composed over 5,000 songs and released less than 1,000 so far. She could release a brand new 12 song album every month for the next 28 years, just from current unreleased songs.

I highly recommend the podcast Dolly Patron’s America. Lots of interviews with Dolly that made me love her even more.

3. He picks and chooses.

Patrick Stewart.

Patrick Stewart doesn’t really like engaging with fans about his X-Men or Star Trek stuff. But if you talk to him about some obscure Broadway play he’s been in, he is very gracious and seems to have all the time in the world for you.

2. The internet loves him.

Brendan Fraser.

When my husband was in high school he actually met Brendan while working at a tiny bbq joint at one of the cities Brendan was shooting at! He said that Brendan was super kind – a giant of a man, and he remembered how wonderfully Brendan treated the staff.

Something on his order was wrong and Brendan was very understanding! Just an all-around great guy.

1. It seems promising.

Mark Hamill for sure would break my heart.

I truly hope these 16 people are never disappointed!

What celebrity would disappoint you by turning out to be a jerk? Tell us in the comments!