People Talk About the Companies They Think Are Terrible and That Folks Need to Know About

As you know, we live in a cancel culture these days, and that doesn’t only pertain to human beings.

It seems like it has bled into everything now, including companies.

And you know that people are going to have a lot to say about this.

What companies do you think are terrible and people need to know about them?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. A lot of complaints about this one.

“Nestle is literally digging under some “dehydrated” countries and when they get the water the only way the people who live there can get some is by working in their factories and then they get a ONE LITER BOTTLE for their whole village.”

2. Wow.


They are LEGALLY able to pay their employees with disabilities (Down syndrome, etc.) less than minimum wage, sometimes cents to the hour. And their pay gets cut even more if they’re not productive enough!

For a company whose profit margins are insane because they don’t purchase their goods I was honestly hurt to know that that money goes to the CEOs at the cost of unfair wages to American people.”

3. Cola wars.

“Coca Cola – hired killers to shoot union leaders in South America and also produces more waste than almost anyone else.

Pepsi – instigated the CIA Coup in Chile on 11.Sep.1972. A decade long military dictatorship followed.”

4. No!


They changed their recipe from I think it was normal oil, to coconut oil, which is cheaper.

And so, because the demand is so high, and they need giant coconut plantations, they are taking down jungles in Africa to plant coconut palms, and that is destroying environments, killing species, and displacing tribes.”

5. Interesting…

“The Wounded Warrior Project.

They spend an absurd amount of money on suing other non profits that have either wounded, warrior, or a combination of the two in their name.

Non-profits that are actually trying to make an actual difference not just trying to shovel merch.”

6. Big profits.

“The Geo Group company.

They own thousands of private incarceration facilities and make profit off of selling beds at a nightly rate to the local counties.”

7. A monopoly.


I’d rather have slower internet than be forced into their data capped monopoly.”

8. Bad for local business.

“Uber Eats, Door Dash, and the like.

Third party delivery apps are killer for local businesses. My family owns a restaurant and we were approached by an Uber Eats rep. The wanted a 30% cut of all sales made in the app (pretty typical for most of them, though I’ve heard they sometimes ask for up to 40%).

Our profit margin is ~10%, which is pretty standard for local restaurants from what I understand. Luckily, we already have a delivery service in place, but for some, it’s the only option they have and they’re getting absolutely robbed blind by these sh**ty companies.”

9. A huge one.


They treat their employees like c**p, i.e. overworking them, treating them like less than dog c**p and basically threatening to fire anyone who even mentions the word ‘union’. They also treat the DSPs worse than their own employees which is why a lot of people tend to quit.

Micromanaging the drivers with the Mentor driving app, firing drivers for not delivering all their packages yet telling them if it is not able to be delivered, then bring it back to the station.

They even have options in the Amazon app for customers to rate their delivery and if a customer gives anything below a 5 star, they get in trouble. Get 3, you’re done. Can’t back up while delivering and if you absolutely have to, you can’t go over 5 miles an hour even while on an incline. Do that, you get fired. It’s really not worth working for Amazon.”

10. Scammers.


Terrible warranty for the price, and if you move your machine from where they set it up the warranty is void.

Their 30 day in home trial is a scam.”

11. Here’s the story.

“Reinhart Foodservice.


One of their drivers killed a few people on the interstate about ten years ago because he didn’t notice that traffic had stopped for road work and mangled a couple sedans. He didn’t notice because his head was below the dash as he fumbled around for another energy drink. He also didn’t have his corrective lenses in his possession. Real professional.

Anyway, my issue with Reinhart as a company is that immediately after the collision, the dummy driver crawled down from his cab, in full view of his mangled victims, and called… 911? No. He called Reinhart. And what was Reinhart’s first reaction?

They sent their corporate lawyer to the scene. Because, you know, starting to build a legal liability shield is what’s most important when the bodies are still pinned in the wrecks. Two of the victims were a pregnant lady and her unborn.

Reinhart Foodservice supplies restaurants, so it’s not like I can personally boycott their business, but I otherwise would.”

12. Forever 21.

“I used to work at Forever 21. Here are some common issues that happened.

1.) When items were not selling ripping them and damaging them out. Also damaging things that people were trying to return and blaming it on them so they couldn’t even get store credit.

2.) Selling leather harnesses, fishnet stalkings, leather mini skirts, and other things for 5 year olds. And having to watch people dress up their 5 year olds in the changing rooms and help them as they tried to make them s**ier. Then being told if I acted repulsed I would be fired.

3.) Being physically locked in the store after my shift ended and forced to stay late unpaid and clean.

4.) Being given shifts only if I spent enough money, and not being allowed to return anything even for store credit because I worked there, but being encouraged not to try things on because it wasted time of whoever was working.

5.) Being yelled at and called stupid, retarded and lazy less than 5 minutes into my shift because clothes were left in fitting rooms.

6.) Being paid less than my newer male coworker because I am a woman and he was a male. Manager told me he deserved higher pay for being a man in retail. Retail is hard for men.

7.) Having manager from 5 and 6 putting me back on probation without telling me so company could not recommend me for promotion and I would be passed up. Also so she could try to fire me and I wouldn’t be able to fight back.

8.) Having coworker who agreed with me that manager sucked forced to work warehouse and banned from talking to coworkers or she would be fired.

Eventually the entire store band together and got Canadian labour laws involved. It was a fun time. There is more than this, it was wild.”

Do you have any companies that you refuse to give money to?

If so, tell us which ones in the comments.

Please and thank you!