People Talk About the Craziest Things They Saw When They Were in College

Ahhh, college. It was a glorious time. Filled with parties, drinking, staying up all night…

Oh, and some studying and learning, too.

When you have that many young people thrown together in an atmosphere with little to no supervision, crazy things are bound to happen. I know I saw my fair amount!

Let’s get wild with some AskReddit users about the things they saw in college.

1. Get him!

“We have this preacher who regularly comes on campus to condemn people to Hell. One day, two girls decided to strip and run at the old man.

It was hilarious. They the two got arrested and had to sit in the grass, naked and handcuffed.

Kinky sh*t.”

2. It went that way.

“I was on campus once walking through the park and saw a coyote running at full speed past me.

I looked up and see about 10 naked frat guys with sticks and pitchforks running after it not saying a word.”

3. Intense.

“When I was a freshman, a foreign student had the SWAT Team break down his door and confiscate the electronics from his room, including his roommate’s stuff.

Apparently he was involved in Anonymous activities. Pretty intense sh*t.”

4. Good times…

“I had a friend who would casually call his grandmother to pick him up from parties, but she would end up staying there for about 45 minutes getting drunk and making friends.

I also bought weed from a place called Fat Mama’s who served all you can eat chicken and fries.”

5. Take it easy.

“In school I hung out with a good amount of football and basketball players. We were a d3 school so these guys knew they werent going anywhere. By senior a few of them had started doing steroids and were f*cking HUGE.

One night there’s a party at a football house, and one of the guy’s, lets call him bob, ex-gf shows up with another dude. Bob loses his sh*t, but doesn’t say anything to the girl or the guy. Instead he goes outside and picks up the lawnmower and throws it through the windshield of the new guys SUV.

He then proceeds to go upstairs to his bedroom, punching a hole in the wall with every step he took. The last few steps the punches went through two walls and into his roommates bedroom. So ya, he destroyed a windshield and put about 15 holes in his own wall, and a few in his roommates bedrooms wall.

Bob was a bit crazy.”

6. Freaky deaky.

“Saw a performance art piece at my liberal arts college where two guys dressed as McDonalds employees were deep frying bacon in front of 6 TVs playing nothing but a loop of a woman chewing.

There was also house music blaring.”

7. Making her voice heard.

“Saw a girl protesting police brutality in the middle of our main building by getting naked in a Rubbermaid tub filled with bullet shells and watered down mace.

Then she scrubbed herself and recited poetry.”

8. Lunatic.

“I once saw a boy, in the midst of an alcohol and coke-rage, literally rip a water fountain off the wall of our dorm building.

We had to evacuate because of flooding.”

9. You forgot something.

“At my first college party my freshman year the cops showed up at the frat house we were at.

Everyone started running and scrambling to get away, when one kid somehow managed to get one of his testicles impaled on one of the iron bars on the backyard gate.

He screamed and kept running, and after the cops left we found a scrap of his pants and yes, a chunk of his testicle stuck on the tip of the bar. I never found out what happened to that poor kid but I’m guessing he’s not nuts about frat parties.”

10. Come on in.

“Smoking bong hits in an apartment across the street from one of the main college bars when the SWAT team walks through the door unannounced.

Scramble to cover the bong until the sniper walks in and says they don’t give a f*ck about the bong as he sets up at the window. Turns out there was a hostage situation at the bar.

Berkeley is a great town.”

11. Awful.

“I heard someone fall to their death outside my door.

I lived with nine other guys in halls of residence, and a guy who was friends with some of them came over to ours for dinner before a big night out on the town. I didn’t go out, I was busy making music in my room, then went to bed around 1 or 2.

I wake up to the sound of people shouting and laughing outside in the foyer. Drunk people coming home, normal enough. I lie there listening a bit, then hear something which I asume is someone falling down the stairs. There’s a thump, a loud crack, a girl screams, then there’s quiet. Slowly, I hear voices start up again, a low panicked bubble of voices.

I got up, and went out of my front door. I lived on the third floor, with one floor above me. Each hall opened onto the foyer, with a large open space in the middle looking down onto the lobby on the ground floor. I looked down, and saw the guy who’d come over and eaten dinner in my flat that evening lying on the ground floor, blood pooling round his head.

He’d gone out, gotten hugely drunk, taken some E and felt like the king of the world. He’d gone to the top floor, thinking he’d jump the 5-meter gap across to the railing of the floor below. He hadn’t made it, and fell straight down to the ground floor.

I don’t clearly remember what happened after that. People were freaking out, and someone had called 999 for an ambulance. I remember going back into my kitchen with a couple of the people who’d been out and seen it happen. My housemate pulled a lot of people in from the foyer to stop them staring in shock.

The guy didn’t die right away. He was in the ICU in the hospital for a few days, even conscious and looking like he might pull through. Then he had a brain haemorrhage. I can’t even remember his name.

Don’t remember if I ever learned it in the first place.”

12. Weird folks.

“I walked into the bathroom at a random party to find 2 naked guys in the shower pouring orange juice on themselves while a girl watched and laughed.

About a week later I met all 3 while I was out at dinner with one of their friends and they seemed fairly normal but said weird things like that happen when that honors study group hangs out.”

13. Let’s go to another party.

“A buddy of mine and I were on our way out to a party when we saw a bunch of people on the front porch and in the front lawn of this place. We thought it was this popping party so we went to go check it out.

We made our way across the street to see what was going on, and when we got to the lawn we found out everyone was actually waiting for something to happen. Before I know it, this random guy goes busting through the front door, which is a wood door, on a BMX bike (he had gained speed by going down the stairs in the house).

After he goes through the door he tumbles down the front porch steps. After he stops rolling down the stairs we all see that he has double compound fractured his right leg and snapped his left leg near his shin.

Thats about the time we decided to head on to the next party.”

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