People Talk About the Good Things That Have Happened in 2020

Hey, 2020 is not ALL bad, is it…?

No way! Even though we’ve all been down in the dumps because of what a hard year it’s been, we have to see the good things or else it’s just doom and gloom for all of us.

So let’s get happy!

Let’s see what folks on AskReddit had to say about the good things that happened to them in 2020.

1. A new addition.

“Hubs and I are having a baby.

Wish the timing was a little better but its still the best.”

2. A game-changer.

“I am 100% debt free, bought my car with cash, found some peace in my grief for my little brother passing away, conquered my nail biting habit and lost 45 lbs so far.

2020 has been a game changer of good for me.”

3. Mo’ money.

“After coming back to work from a month and a half long lockdown I got a raise, then got moved to a position at my job where I’m able to get tips.

So at this point I’m making even more money than I was pre-COVID.”

4. Some time away.

“I managed to get a snowboard trip to Japan in just before everything closed down, and when they had some snow (awful season at Niseko)

After the year I had in 2019 with the loss of both parents (plus other sh*t i was dealing with), I wanted a snow escape trip.”

5. A new home.

“My husband and I finally bit the bullet and are buying our first home thanks to low AF interest rates!

We’ve been living in my dilapidated childhood home for 5 years and it’s a source of grief and misery for us but we should be moved out and in the process of selling it by the end of November!”

6. The little things.

“Kansas City Chiefs: My favorite NFL Team, Won a Super Bowl for the 1st time since the 70s

The Sonic the Hedgehog Movie released & it was pretty d*mn good.”

7. Out on your own.

“Found an apartment and finally moved away from home and I am almost done with the renovation and decorations of the place

The best part is I think it will be done for December 1st so I can enjoy a complete apartment for all of Christmas.”

8. Staying busy.

“I built a workbench, closets for my kids, Adirondack chairs for my cousin‘s new home, a shed for firewood.

Painted the exterior of my house.”

9. On the mend.

“My daughter had her third and final successful heart surgery at 4 years old, her first was when she was 6 months old. Every surgery has been a success and this one even more so.

The determination she had to go home this time was astounding. Since the surgery, she’s gained 10 pounds and grown 3 clothing sizes and looks more and more like her twin every day. 2020 has not been kind to a lot of people. But for me, it will be one of my favourite years.”

10. Life is beautiful.

“More time to spend with my family. Time to reflect about life.

Lost 8 Kg and started healthy living.”

11. New job.

“I got a job in the field i’m studing (chemestry) without any job experience.

I didn’t think that would happen this year.”

12. One day at a time.

“I got a much needed new sofa and arm chair. I quit a job that was running me into the dirt and found a job that is very ideal for me at a cat clinic. The relief money floated me through unemployment.

I paid off a debt, still working on others. I got to spend a lot of time with my kid before she moved out. While I’m not happy that she left, it’s been awfully nice having the house to ourselves.”

13. The silver lining.

“I think there’s a lot of good that happened in 2020. Everyone is just so focused on the negative. Obviously there’s a lot of bad that’s happened but I also think there’s a silver lining.

– People are spending more time with family

– People have the flexibility to work from home.. potentially revolutionizing the way people work forever

– Those who wanted to start a side hustle, or passion project, finally got the chance to do so

– I think many people are auditing their lifestyle. COVID is basically portrayed as a virus that especially affects those who are in poor health. Obviously some factors, like age, can’t be controlled. But I think many people began to realize that living a healthy lifestyle is crucial and made steps in the right direction

– 2020 college grads have a chip on their shoulder knowing that they’re entering the market at an insane time. This experience will create some thick skin and make future job struggles seem easy

– There have been advancements in tech since COVID started. Tech will advance regardless, but COVID created some serious urgency

– For me personally, it was the realization that regardless of what’s happening in the world, it’s up to me to build the life that I want. 2020 might not be the greatest year but I learned to look at every situation as an opportunity. I’m not where I want to be (yet) but I’ve made serious strides that I may not have taken if it wasn’t for the odd situation I was put in

Hope you guys are having as great of a year as possible. Keep going!”

14. Things are looking up.

“I founded a startup focused on on digital disease management because I was tired of not being able to manage mine the way I want. It has gained a lot of traction winning startup competitions are currently in talks with the healthcare for a potential partnership. This weekend we will be competing in the University startup world cup (online this year).

It has given me a reason to stay active during covid and hope for the future. Oh and also.. my younger sister gave birth to my beautiful niece Ísabella!”

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