People Talk About the Jobs They Think Are Overvalued and Overpaid

Yes, the world is unfair.

No, there’s nothing you can do about it…unless you want to complain!

And today we’re gonna hear a bunch of folks complain on AskReddit about jobs they think are overvalued and overpaid.

Let’s take a look!


“Life coach.

This girl I know became a life coach and charges $300-500 per person for a 4 hour “seminar” that a friend of mine used to help her set up for.

Friend said all it was was 4 hours of her saying these people are great and doing yoga+breathing exercises. And she had repeat customers and often 4-8 people per class.

$2400 per weekend to tell people they are awesome and do a few yoga stretches. F**king wild.”


“Anyone who makes a ton of money by inserting themselves into big transactions and charging fees as a percentage of the transaction (brokers, title companies, etc.).”

Easy Street.

“Do car salesmen really do any work anymore?

Last time I bought a car I looked online, did my research, and knew exactly what I wanted and basically showed up ready to buy.

The dealer just gave me the keys for a test drive, then did the paperwork for me.”

There you go!


I am a DevOps engineer at a fintech startup, I write server configurations for $125K/yr and I work about 10 – 20 hours a week, remotely.

I keep thinking they’ve figured out how easy my job is and decided to fire me and then instead they tell me I’m doing a great job and promote me.

I smoked weed all through college and got a degree in philosophy, and did not go to grad school.”


“Anything that could be reduced to “I make a lot of money because I move a lot of money”, like brokers, insurers, wall street stuff, real estate agents…”

Did you know this?

“Pharmaceutical or medical sales.

I’m a small scale clinician who deals with medical sales reps 5 days/week who are the [apparently] sweetest, bubbliest, most seemingly accommodating people on earth— if you buy their thing.

Since your patients need theirs, except they’re usually not even medically qualified to make those determinations. They can’t answer medical questions relevant to their products. Every rep we deal with can be googled and earns >3x the combined salary of my office staff comprising 4 people.”



While I believe they can provide value in some situations, technology has put a lot of the work into the buyer’s hands.

You find places you like, send them to a realtor, they walk you through and point out which rooms are bathrooms, print out a mountain of paper for you to sign and … BOOOM $50,000 commission.”


“I’m bracing for impact here but ……Diversity and Inclusion officers are doing much of what HR has been doing for years.”

Soaking it up.

“Associate/sub deans in universities.

They’re glorified bureaucrats who are soaking up your tuition dollars six figures at a time.”


“College football coaches.

The highest-paid public employees in many states, and is even more egregious considering for decades the students were not allowed to make money from endorsement deals and whatever.

Glad that has changed, but it’s still ludicrous for Alabama or Mississippi for example to sink so much money into their football programs when the rest of the two states struggle in almost every other metric.”

Doin’ jack s**t.

“Middle management in sales organizations.

They do not produce, haven’t produced in a long time, most of the time are disconnected from what clients actually need/want, and take credit for the actual production of their sales force.

Truly the masters of the universe and do jack s**t.”

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