People Talk About the Most Unsettling Things They’ve Seen in Remote Areas

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When I was a teenager, my friends and I used to get in the back of a pick-up truck and we’d drove around out in the country in the middle of the night for hours just to have an adventure and creep ourselves out.

It was spooky and a lot of fun. Sadly, we never happened upon a Satanic ritual or anything like that…but there are a lot of weird and creepy things going on out there in the middle of nowhere…

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about the things they’ve seen in remote areas…

1. A hike…in Transylvania.

“Went on a mountain hike in Transylvania with a group of friends from school, and way up, after maybe 12-14 km of trekking, we saw a house….was in the middle of nowhere.

It had a barn, with a few animals, couple of cows, chicken, etc. As we get closer, we see a few people, a guy and 5-6 women. Not sure if there were more inside. The dude comes to greet us, barely speaking the language. We had a hard time understanding what he’s saying.

They lived without electricity, gas, anything. This is in the early 90s, so there’s no internet, mobile phones to worry about. At least for most people.

Anyway, they all looked weird, kinda dumb expressions on their face, we can barely understand eachother. They asked us who’s the president now, and if we want some milk. They look at our clothes and shoes weirdly, curious…like who knows when is the last time they had human contact.

Or maybe there were more crazies around those parts…dunno. Not sure to this day what was going on. It’s not typical in the region, so we kinda freaked out, especially cause the dude looked a bit disturbed, and we were too young.

We were looking around to see if there’s more of them, paranoia was getting to us, thinking there must be a village nearby. What was also weird is that all the women kept their distance, and never got close to us. Like he was guarding them, or checking us out, if it’s safe for them.

One of my friends kept saying we don’t want their milk, and we need to go, cause it’s getting dark. We walked calmly for a while, then when we thought we’re out of their sight, bolted like crazy out of there. Needless to say, we camped after a few hours, and we always had one person awake to keep watch.

We told people that were living in the villages near that area, about the “mountain people”, and they didn’t believe us. They said nobody lives there, up in the mountains.”

2. Get outta there!

“Doing urban exploration in a dilapidated church at night, on one of the floors was this circular motif in the floor where i guess a podium or something was.

There was fresh blood on it as if something was killed there. When we went in the basement later on, we heard someone running upstairs.”

3. Voodoo hut.

“Okay so one time back when I was like 11 me and my friend were walking through the woods because he said he had something he wanted to show me. We walked down the path for a good 20 minutes until he suddenly started walking through some closely planted thin trees.

Despite my confusion I followed him until he suddenly stopped in a clearing and there was a round mud hut in front of us, he told me he was too scared to go inside so I did instead. The floor was lower down then the floor itself and there was a little fire put in the centre, it was surrounded by DIY wooden bench things.

Although that was odd in itself, the real show stopper were the walls, every inch or the mud walls were covered in animal skulls held up by wire, these would range from a small sparrow skull to a deer skull. It was a pretty neat sight tbf. Outside of the hut was another small bench which had the phrase ‘Where heaven and earth meet’ carved into it.

Cut to January of this year and me and my Mum tried to find the weird voodoo hut again in the woods, while we did come across the hut it had sadly been demolished and all but a few of the skulls had been taken. It just kinda looked like someone had jumped on top of it after stealing all of the skulls for the what I can only imagine to be some vulture culture collection.

It’s kinda sad it had to go but I still remember like it was yesterday.”

4. The sixth person.

“It was dark and I was sitting around a bonfire with four friends in rural North Carolina.

We had been drinking and they had smoked a bit (I wasn’t at the time) and were taking turns telling stories. A lull came in the conversation and the black silhouette of a sixth person stood up and faded into the surrounding darkness. We decided that we’d had enough for the night and packed everything up before walking back to a friends house.

All five us swear there was a sixth person there but don’t remember any kind of discernible characteristic besides they seemed to be covered in shadow.”

5. Cult activity.

“Back when I was a kid some friends and I came across people in robes chanting around a campfire out in the woods on the edge of the town we lived in.

We were staying at a friend’s house for a birthday party/sleepover and went for a late night walk. This was back in the late 80’s during the satanic panic. Looking back now, I’m sure it was just some teenagers goofing around, but at the time it scared the living bejeezus out of us. One of the girls with us had a panic attack and started hyperventilating.

Got pretty serious, but we finally managed to get her calmed down.”

6. Time to turn around.

“I was driving through rural parts of Missouri with a buddy.

We drove down a single lane road that had no exit. At the end of the road, there was a group of deer corpses laid in a perfect circle.

I’d say there was at least 10 deer.”

7. Camping out.

“Was camping a couple of years ago when I heard movement outside my tent.Thinking it was my friend I called out to him but there was no answer.After a minute the movement stopped so I left my tent and sat outside it for a while

10 minutes passed when my friend that I thought had been moving came out of his tent looking for his phone.He denied that it was him who was outside the tent.It was only him,myself and my gf at the time so I said it must have been an animal.

At that point we both heard something move very close to us and saw the silhouette of a person watching us.Don’t ask me why but we both got up and started to approach the person who began to run away.We chased him/her for a minute but gave up when we noticed them drop stuff from their hand.

Not only did they drop my friends phone that he couldn’t find but mine and my girlfriends as well

The person was in our tents…..”

8. House in the woods.

“When I was a kid, I used to live on a tiny property in the woods. My house was basically built around where stables were once. My room was, back when it was still stables, where the hay was stocked. Before getting to the creepy thing I need to say some other stuff:

– When you were in my room you could sometimes smell hay out of nowhere.- My dog was always refusing to go upstairs because something was scaring the shit out of it there.- You could sometimes hear knocking on doors (they were 3 entrance doors in my house), sometimes all at once.

Now that this have been said, we can go to the fun thing. So my room had a big ass window that gave a big view over the woods and my garden was basically a clearing. Once, I fucking heard a kid giggling from upstairs. I ran there only to find my window open, and something running out in the woods.I spent 2 more years in this house and fucking felt insecure the whole time.”

9. Skin Walker?

“Small town in a relatively rural area. A few years after the fact, I’m now relatively certain it was a Skin Walker.

About 10 years ago, I was at my dad’s house for the weekend in Kentucky. The Appalachian people are very superstitious, hailing from the Scots-Irish people and just never losing that side of them. My dad wasn’t superstitious, I thought, and was not one to be easily scared. It was about, I dunno, 10 at night and we randomly decided to go into town to get some McDonald’s.

Daddy always insisted on walking in front of me and I always assumed it was so I wouldn’t accidentally step on a snake but now I don’t think that’s the case. So, he turned on the porch light and opened the screen door. He had put one foot on the porch and there was this God awful sound.

I will never in my life forget it. There was a screech followed by the sound of a crow. But it wasn’t a crow. The best way I can describe it is if a person was mimicking a crow call.

My hair stood up on the back of my neck and my dad retreated into the house. He slammed the big door and locked it, something I had never seen him do. Before I could ask a question he said, “It isn’t safe. We can go tomorrow morning.”

And so we did. But the rest of the night, we stayed inside. My dad didn’t even go outside to smoke a cigarette. He even let the (outside) dogs stay in the house. We never talked about that again but that was one of the scariest moments of my life.”

10. Not a good memory.

“When I was really young, we were on a family trip and me and my older brother took a ride on a boat. I remember my mom telling us to avoid the “big floating thing”.

She thought it was a buoy to signalize a dangerous rock under water or something. Being kids, of course we went straight there to explore it. So turns out it was not a buoy. That was a body of a tourist that went missing a week ago, as the police informed us a few days later. Creepy thing is he was one of a group of people that had disappeared together.

I believe they never find the rest. So, not a good childhood memory.”

11. Time to go.

“I was jogging at night with headphones on in a park with dense trees and bushes. The over growth was taking over the path and it was difficult to see so I turned the flashlight on my phone on.

I started to see a fire burning ahead but couldn’t really make it out (I take my glasses off when I jog). As I got closer there’s a clearing and I see a big big fire raging and no one around. So I pause a minute and fish my glasses out and find out that yes, there’s 6 people standing there actually.

Perfectly spaced apart from each other and they all turned at the same time to look at me.

I turned 180 and sprinted the fuck out of there.”

12. Not so sure anymore…

“My friends bought a huge chunk of property in southern Colorado in the San Luis Valley.

I went out for a month to clear 10 acres of forest for greenhouses to be built. I was there by myself the entire time and had to stay in a tent because there was no infrastructure yet. One night I was sitting on the edge of this overlook before bed and the entire canyon below me lit up with a huge flash of light and then was gone immediately.

I was kinda freaked out, but got over it and just went to bed. A few days later I was talking to a rancher a couple miles down the road and he said the morning after the night of the flash he found 3 of his cows in that canyon with all the blood drained out of their bodies and their eyes and some of their organs were removed.

There weren’t any tire tracks or any sign of struggle whatsoever near the cows. And let me tell you, this property was in the middle of NOWHERE. Needless to say I was pretty freaked out the rest of my time out there. Lots of weird shit like that was going and the entire area just had a very weird “vibe”.

I’m normally a very pragmatic person and not interested in the supernatural at all, but after my time in the San Luis Valley, I’m not so sure anymore.”

13. Do not sleep.

“I was on a canoe trip down the Shenandoah River with my wife. The only public property on the river is the islands, so that’s where people camp on multi-day trips.

Came across two women around dusk using a machete to hack into the brush on an island to camp, and my wife and I decided the island would be a good place to stop. We paddled a half mile down the island and set up camp near the river bank.

We were woken later by the sound of a machete hacking through the brush on the island and the two women maniacally screaming and laughing and shouting that they were going to find and kill us.

Didn’t sleep much that night.”

14. Very creepy.

“My boyfriend and I were backpacking through rural Tasmania a few years ago. While on a bus, we were discussing our plans for the ensuing two weeks. The girl in the seat in front turns around and offers us a place to stay in her town. We declined as we were headed elsewhere first, but she gave us her mobile number and said that she and her partner would love to have us.

A few days later we decide to take them up on their offer. We call her, and she says they’re happy to host us. So far so good.

They meet us at the train station and immediately something feels off. It’s really difficult to explain, but it’s that primal, ineffable feeling in your guts that tells you that something isn’t right. We ignored our guts and followed them.

They lead us straight out of town. We ask them where we’re going and they say that they live on the outskirts. This town is creepy as fuck. It’s an old mining town that has been largely abandoned, and as we walk the 15-odd minutes to their home the houses get shittier, with boarded up windows, overgrown gardens and no people in sight.

Eventually we reach the house at the very end of the town. It’s their house. We go in.

Set up in the middle of the living room is a single mattress with a sheet hanging around it. They show us around the house except for one door which stays closed. When I asked what was behind it they pretended not to hear. Our room has a made bed, chest of drawers and looks like a normal room. It seems weird that they sleep on mattresses in the living room when they have a “guest room”.

We go back into the living room and look around. Knives. A lot of knives. My boyfriend asks if they go hunting? No. The partner hands one of the knives to my boyfriend and asks him to open it. It’s a massive fucking bowie knife with what looks like blood staining around the edges of the blade. My boyfriend laughs awkwardly and sets it down.

They have a tattoo gun – “to practice”. My boyfriend asks if they have any tattoos. No. There’s a small axe at the door. I ask if they collect wood. No.

Suddenly the guy says he wants to go to the shops. We agree quickly because we’re creeped out and want to get back into the town.

The four of us leave and they start walking in the opposite direction to the town. I say that the town is back the other way. The guy says this way would be more interesting because it goes up through the trees. He says that they have never been up the mountain before but he knows the area and it would take the same amount of time.

I tell my boyfriend that I’m freaking out but he thinks it’s ok. We follow them into the trees. The path goes up the mountain. We are going in the total opposite direction of the town.

The girl turns around to her partner and whispers – “so where was the place again?”

My boyfriend and I freeze. I say I want to take the road back to town and start walking.

When the four of us arrive in the one shop in town – no one recognizes the couple. And this is a really small town. We make an excuse that we want to go look at sights and that we’ll catch up with them later, and instead book a hotel room and freak out.

I did some snooping on the area. Their house had an extra room (behind the mystery door) and a basement. The path that we were taking led straight out of town and up the mountain. There was no way it could loop back into town.

So yeah pretty sure we narrowly avoided being murdered. Or maybe they were just massive weirdos.

Tbh the creepiest thing was the fact that there was no drug paraphernalia at all – the state of the house and the weird behavior would have been understandable if they were intoxicated but that wasn’t the case.”

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