People Talk About the Nicest Celebrities They’ve Dealt With at Their Jobs

I know that celebrities seem to have it all, but I think one aspect of their lives that would be kind of a nightmare would be dealing with people in their everyday lives.

I know, I know, they signed up for it once they decided to become an actor/singer/etc., but it’s gotta get old to have people always bothering you and wanting a photo with you when you’re just trying to have dinner with your family or go to the grocery store.

But still, people do like to hear stories about their encounters with bigwigs in ordinary situations.

AskReddit users talked about dealing with celebrities at their jobs.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. It was her.

“Amanda Seyfried came into the coffee shop I used to work in.

I made her a coffee and she even complimented me on it!

When I asked if it was her, she said, ‘No but I get that a lot.’

Two days later she posted a photo on Instagram where she was obviously in the same small town.

It was totally her.”

2. Sir Ian.

“I was working at a theatre café trying to get through the usual rush before the show started when I realized I was serving Sir Ian McKellen!

I kept my cool and was disappointed to learn that the guy who was in the bar with me didn’t know who he was!

We both loved Ian’s Ugg boots though.”

3. Please don’t.

“I met Morgan Freeman when he came to my work (a symphony hall) for a show.

He was so nice, he was asking me all these questions about my life, and his voice sounded even better in person.

I held it together pretty well but as I was walking away I said to my coworker (too loudly) “omg I’m gonna pee my pants.”

And he tapped my shoulder and said “please don’t.””

4. We miss him.

“Robin Williams was in town for a performance and was having an issue with his computer.

He brought it in for repair and spent the time waiting hanging out with us, taking pictures, cracking jokes and talking to us.”

5. Hmmm…

“Several years ago I worked at a nice, sit down pizza restaurant.

One night Miley Cyrus (Party in the USA era) and her whole family came in.

I waited on them. When it was time to bring out their pizza I put it on the table and said, “It’s a pizza party in the USA!”

She did not find it as amusing as my coworkers did.”

6. That was nice.

“I used to work at an oil company where we dispatched over a radio…

A driver was delivering to Ben Affleck’s house and mentioned that it was my birthday.

Ben got up into the cab of the truck and got on the radio to wish me a happy birthday!”

7. Big mug.

“This happened to a girl I work with but still awesome.

Nick Offerman came into the coffee shop we work at and ordered a large coffee.

When she gave him the mug he looked at her and said ” that’s a satisfyingly large mug” did his awesome laugh and sat down giggling at the mug.”

8. Maybe they’re just normal folks.

“I was working at a restaurant when Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel came in.

They were so nice and actually tried to help us bus their table!”

9. Funny.

“I was a barista at the time, and Brad Garrett (from Finding Nemo, Everybody Loves Raymond) came in.

It was a busy cafe and I had TONS of fun with customers there, while trying to be as efficient as possible.

I also had THE COOLEST eyeglasses ever at the time, they were rectangle with triangle shaped arms made of stainless steel.

It’s important that you know how cool these were (R.I.P. ?). Anyways, Brad comes over to watch me make his beverage. We make some small talk, and now Brad is wearing my glasses and impersonating me. ” I am a fancy barista, look at how cool I am with my weird glasses…” he says.

So I immediately shot back, in my most Brad Garrett-y voice: ” oh look, I’m Brad Garrett, I’m SOOOO funny and I’m a giant human” (said while walking around like Shrek). He laughed. I laughed. He even came back the next day asking where I was!

It’s the friendship that never was, but always should have been.”

10. Not a shocker.

“Taylor Swift came into the store I work in while she was in Westerly, Rhode Island and completely ignored all the workers and customers.

Her very attractive body guard was pleasant and chatted with us though!”

11. Oops.

“I work at a Starbucks drive thru and one day Kevin Bacon came through! He was wearing a beanie and sunglasses (at night ?) and I wasn’t 100% sure it was him so I decided to test it.

Right before he was gonna drive away I said “have a nice night, Kevin!” He said thank you very politely, then as if remembering he didn’t want to be recognized he mumbled “sh*t” and drove away.”

12. That voice, though.

“My mom, my sisters, and I were visiting Philadelphia on July 4, 2006. We went to the hotel penthouse to play a board game.

While we were playing, my mom realized that Lionel Richie was across the room and was being interviewed for the July 4 festivities. She was so excited that she stopped playing the game and started whispering her responses to anything Richie said as if they were having a conversation.

When he finished the interview, he walked by and my mom introduced herself. He was extremely pleasant, warm and friendly. He said to my mom, “Very nice to meet you, ma’am.” He then turned to my sisters and me and said, “You guys probably don’t know me. You probably know Nicole.”

I said, “No, we don’t go to school around here, so probably not.” He just stared at me, smiled, and gave my mom a hug. Once he left, my twin sister said, “No, you idiot, Nicole Richie. She’s on TV.” I said, “Oh, yeah, sure.” I still wasn’t sure who she was until I looked her up later.

In any case, Lionel Richie was very kind, and even though my mom apologized profusely for “bothering” him, he assured her that he always liked meeting fans and their families.”

13. That’s a weird comment.

“My family own a Mexican restaurant on the south side of Chicago. One day three men come in and talk about the charity work being done in the area. I nod along and go about serving them. One gentlemen in particular looked especially familiar but I couldn’t place him.

Eventually, they ask me about The Shawshank Redemption, if I have ever seen the movie. I said no. They point to one of the men, not the one who looked familiar, and said he was in the film. I shrug and say, “that’s cool”. All this while the one who looks familiar refuses to make direct eye contact with me, like he was shy. I almost said that he looked familiar but I didn’t want to bother them while they ate.

Eventually they finished and left, but not without telling me not to get knocked up at a young age. Later that day I tell my older brother about the encounter. He pulls up pictures of the cast. The shy gentleman who I recognized – Tim Robbins. Thanks for the life advice, Tim Robbins, 12 years later and I’m still not knocked up.”

How about you?

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