People Talk About the Strange Things They’ve Seen That They Can’t Explain

The world is full of unsolved mysteries that baffle even the most hardened skeptics among us.

Are ghosts to blame? Spirits? Some kind of energy we can’t comprehend?

None of us have those answers, but I think we can all agree that some things will always remain mysterious.

AskReddit users talked about strange things that they just can’t explain. Let’s take a look.

1. Shook.

“I am really not spiritual or have any belief in psychics, ghosts, mind-reading, fortune telling…any of that. But, only a couple weeks ago there was an exchange that shook me a bit.

I’d taken the train out to do a hiking trail and camp for a few days, finishing up in a town I’d only ever briefly visited once a couple years prior on bonfire night. As I made my way towards the station I was stopped by a perfectly ordinary looking middle aged woman.

“You don’t believe in souls” she said.


“You don’t believe in souls. But you also know you lost yours”

“What do you mean.”

“You have absolutely no aura”

I started to walk away and she just raised her voice to shout after me.

“You had a procedure, a medical procedure, on your brain and your soul left.”

Of course it sounded like madwoman bullsh*t to anyone that could hear, but fifteen years ago when I was eighteen I had sixteen sessions of ECT. Being a large number of sessions in a short space of time at an young age, it left many difficult and long lasting negative effects on me that I still struggle with.

But one of the most pervasive feelings is what I have only ever been able to describe as whatever it was that made me me. Like the essence of me, my spark, had disappeared.

I never really knew how to put this feeling into any accurate words, so despite my lack of belief, I’d always described it as feeling like I’d had my soul removed.”

2. Still have nightmares…

“I was driving one night in a really foul mood and speeding. Like when I say speeding I mean at least 25 over the limit.

Anyway this car gets behind me and for some reason I can just tell it wasn’t a cop. It was a full tinted Chevy truck with weird lights on it (like comically large after market front headlights). Once it got behind me I got a really eerie feeling I can’t explain. Like my body just knew something was wrong.

Anyway I figured if it was a cop they would light me up for speeding but for some reason they just kept pace with me, also speeding themselves. So at this point I’m getting a little weirded out so I turn off the freeway and they follow me.

I turn into a gas station and get out. I figure if I’m going to get ax murdered at least the cameras will pick it up and give my family some closure. Something just didn’t sit right with me. I knew something was up.

As I’m getting out of my car the truck rolls it’s windows down. And what I saw still haunts me to this day. It was a heavily disfigured guy the only likes of which I can compare to that guy Rocky Dennis from the movie about the guy with a crazy disfigured head who falls for that girl who loves him for him and not the abomination that is his face.

And he starts to motion me with his finger like telling me to come closer. I don’t care if he was going to give me the winning powerball numbers there was no way in hell I was going to approach his car.

I bolt inside the gas station at this point my whole body is shaking. I try and tell the clerk what’s going on as they stare at me probably thinking I’m drunk or high off my *ss as my story doesn’t make any sense.

I go to look outside and the truck is gone.

I still have nightmares to this day.”

3. Guardian angel?

“Fall 2009 I was sick – like superrrrrr sick.

It was a few weeks before my amputation and I was battling a severe bone infection. I was hopped on all kinds of antibiotics (I had a PICC line and would dose my antibiotics through these little balls) and pain medication.

I’m a huge Yankee fan so my best friend got us tickets for the ALCS game at Yankee stadium. She pushed me around the stadium in a wheelchair with a sh*t ton of blankets on me (it was freezing) just to put a smile on my face.

My friend leaves our seats to go get some hotdogs and stuff. This is where it gets weird.

As soon as she leaves (to my recollection) an older Irish gentleman sits by me. He offers me some of his spiked hot chocolate, but I said no thanks and explained that I was on a lot of medication. We begin talking and I told to him what was going on with my life.

He asked if I was scared to have my leg amputated, and I told him that I was. I was really frightened of the unknown. He gave me some pretty valuable life advice and comforted me. He assured me that it would be fine. He told me that, “if you have to be an amputee, try to be the best d*mn amputee that there is!”

My friend comes back with food and asks who I was talking to. There’s no one next to me. I guess I must’ve hallucinated this but idk..it felt more like some kind of angel or being that came to me to let me know it would be okay.

I guess my guardian angel is an Irishman with spiked hot chocolate!”

4. The fish man.

“A tiny humanoid creature underwater.

To this day i still search the internet in hopes that what i saw was an actual type of fish but i still haven’t found anything. I was snorkeling at the age of 16 off the coast of Australia with my Dad. Seeing all the fish was so beautiful. My Dad drifted a little far from me but there was a reef protecting us from any large sharks so I wasn’t scared of snorkeling on my own.

I swam down towards the coral to get a closer look at a small octopus when something caught my eye. A human face. A human face with an eerie smile and big eyes. It was sort of “standing” casually leaning against the coral with a body about 4 inches tall and head no bigger than a grape. It resembled a naked human male but had gils by its neck and webbed feet. Smooth all over like a ken doll.

I stared at him. He stared at me. I stared back and tried to rationalize what i was seeing. I reached out to touch him/it and he casually evaded me by stepping to the side, all while his creepy smile remained. I could see my Dad has turned around and was swimming closer to me. So i called him over to see this crazy creature. The creature turned toward where my Dad was swimming over, seemed to notice him, then look back at me coyly.

Then it walked away. Like walked on its little webbed feet on the coral and disappeared down through a little whole on the rocks. I tried explaining to my Dad when he came over but he couldn’t explain anything like that either. He just said something about Aboriginal spirits and i shouldn’t mess with it.

I swear i think about that little fish man every day.”

5. Ghost story.

“When I was in my 20s in the early 1990s I had a car accident that kept me in hospital for about a year. It was a Catholic hospital and most of the nursing staff were nuns and besides the normal checks they regularly just stopped in to chat and see how I was doing.

Early one morning there was a knock and this nun came in that I hadn’t seen before and introduced herself as Sister Greta, a member of the nursing staff. She sat on the side of the bed and we spoke for a few minutes then she asked if she could say a prayer for me. She held my hand and said a prayer then wished me well and left.

About five minutes later there was another knock and one of the regular sisters came in to say hi. I remarked it was going to be a good day because I’d already had one visit from Sister Greta and now I was getting another one. She said there wasn’t a Sister Greta on the staff and there was only two sisters around, it being so early.

I pointed to the bed which clearly showed where she had been sitting and described her and the habit she had been wearing now getting a bit unnerved. The sister basically shrugged and bustled off.

She came back about half an hour later with a book about the hospital’s history and showed me a picture of some nuns from the 50s. Their habits were exactly the same as Sister Greta’s that I’d described. Turns out that patients regularly mentioned talking to nuns in old garb that definitely weren’t part of the current staff.

I never saw her again or anything similar while I was there… kinda freaky but not overly disturbing. I can’t really explain it but I guess it’s the sort of ghost story I’m okay with, if that’s what it was.”

6. Mystery man.

“I remember this vividly from when I was in elementary school.

My and 2 of my friends played football after school sometimes. The football field where we played was between a couple of open fields owned by farmers and on the other side a bit of wooded area, not as big as a forest but a small but densely packed wooded area about 100 meters away from the football field.

What happened was this, almost every time we would play there, we would see this man. The first time he was standing in the trees, not on the path between the trees, actually in the bushes. It was a man in a red and blue tracksuit and he was just staring at us. The first time we thought it was a friend of ours and we would call him and wave, but he never responded.

This happened almost every time. We also saw him in different places. One time he was just standing in one of the farmers fields, just looking at us. He was always there, always.

When I really freaked out was when I was playing with another friend. We would play army man in that wooded area. We picked up sticks and pretended we were soldiers completing missions. We even had a little base camp, we built a sort of safe house we called it. The thing every one has done as kids, build a hut.

We were just playing and sitting in the hut we build, when we heard footsteps on the path in the woods. We checked it out and just as we got out of the bushes, we just made out that it was that man in the tracksuit and he was running away. We followed him and there was a bend in the wooded area, we got around that bend and he just disappeared without a trace. The footsteps just stopped and he was gone.

The next day we returned to our hut and there were bits of food and cans on the floor. We never brought that type of food there, but we didn’t really think much of it. However a couple days later the hut was completely destroyed.

We asked one of our friends (he wasn’t involved in the earlier stuff and wasn’t there for the previous encounters) who lived next to the wooded area and he said that a man in a red and blue tracksuit destroyed the hut.

There were rumors that a homeless man was living in our hut, but it was never proven. Nobody actually saw him living there.

These type of encounters continued to occur for the following years, until the wooded area was cut and for the most part removed.

The last time I can remember that I saw him was about 2 years after the woods got removed. My room is in the attic of our house and looks out towards the football field, but in front of it is an old small building that the school uses for PE classes.

I remember that I was looking out of my attic window and see a man staring straight at me from the roof of that small building. I immediately recognized him, still wearing the same red and blue tracksuit. I kept looking at him until I got called downstairs. When I came back he was gone and that was the last time I saw him.

I know this sounds hard to believe maybe, but it was one of the creepiest things I’ve been through. In the end me and my friends wouldn’t even be surprised to see the man staring at us when we were playing football, it happened that often.”

7. Huh?

“Standing outside of a convenience store.

I saw two different cars park (about a minute or so apart) and go in the store. It was obvious the two didn’t know each other (at least it seemed).

After shopping, they each left in the other’s car. Still can’t explain it today without going down the CIA conspiracy route.”

8. Red light in the sky.

“Waterville, Washington in 2013.

Saw a red light in the sky that did not move in the way a normal airplane would. It eventually made its way to a three whitish lights formed into a triangular pattern.

It was unsettling.”

9. Double take!

“My friend and I drove past a car in the road going the opposite direction about 15 years ago.. still to this day, gun to our heads, we both saw a dog driving…sitting upright in the driver’s seat.

It took roughly 10 seconds to process what we saw, we then looked at each other and started yelling in disbelief. We’ve been buddies since second grade or earlier and this sighting was a long time ago during a period of time well after we both hand driving licenses and our own vehicles.

We still talk often and live on opposite sides of the country just about but every once in a while we will ask each other if we still remember that day and what we saw.. we laugh and reflect and are still 100% certain without out spec of doubt we saw a dog driving a car. All on its own.”

10. A sign.

“I had moved to Venice beach, CA about 8 years ago and it was the first time I had moved away from my home and family in PA.

After 4 months I hit a rough patch and had to sell my car to get back home. One night while trying to fall asleep I had a mild anxiety attack from over thinking my current situation at the time. Both of my roommates had left a few days prior so I had the apartment to myself for the last few days. During my mild anxiety attack I was talking to grandma who had recently passed away to ask for some help (note I have never been spiritual, and I identify as agnostic).

A little while later (early morning about 2am) I notice a flickering coming from my roommates room. I open the door to find a freshly lit candle. I did not light that candle.

As a child my grandma would always take me with her to church and my favorite part was getting to light a candle to say a prayer. Love you Nana.”

11. You should think twice.

“When I was younger I used to have this “troubled” friend. He had his brand new bmw we used to be bad boys and buy alcohol with fake IDs.

We were only 16 but we had a lot of fun just doing nothing, smoking weed drinking, dating girls, doing whip it’s. Think the movie mid 90s almost to a T. Well one time we got detained by the police we were just in the wrong area at the wrong time. I was very respectful to the police and my friend was not so much.

The female officer pulled me to the side and said “look kid, you seem like a respectful young man. Why are you hanging out with this kid? He’s bad news. I really think the next time you want to hang out with him. Think twice.”

So the following Friday he said he was going to pick me up and we were going to pick up some booze and hang out with these chicks. I told him unfortunately I can’t tonight. I have to stay in tonight. That night he was in a high speed chase and lost control of his vehicle and hit a curb, his car went straight into an apartment building and he died instantly.

Somehow, I ended up running into that police officer again a few weeks later. Which she made a joke that’s it not good if she keeps seeing me. I literally busted in to tears and just hugged her.

I feel like she saved my life. She seemed somewhat confused and I told her what happened.”

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