People Talk About the Strangest Recurring Dreams They Have

Let me tell you about the recurring dream that I’ve been having for years…

I’m in high school, I’m late for class, and the school is so huge and complicated that I’ll never get there on time…and I keep running and running through the endless hallways.

It’s honestly pretty exhausting but I’ve had it for so long that I guess I’m used to it by now. Ugh! I hope I never have it again…but I know that it’ll probably pop up again sooner or later.

Let’s get strange with some folks from AskReddit about their recurring dreams.

1. Very weird.

“I have two: my family drowning in mashed potatoes (heaven knows why), and me walking around my house with dead bodies hanging from the ceiling, of everybody I ever met.

Both are terrifying, I am paralyzed.”

2. Toilets everywhere.

“I always dream that I am in a bathroom, usually in a shopping center, and all the toilets are different.

I can usually fly, and I have to try as many as possible before I wake up.

Usually this dream is lucid.”

3. Creatures.

“Me and my grandma were being followed by these mossy creatures. One of them pulled my grandma into a sewer, and they turned towards me.

One of them that was wearing a baseball hat grabbed me and I tried to get off him.

His skin was super sticky and after a while, he flung me into the sky and that’s when I woke up.”

4. Trapped.

“I had a dream about being trapped in a dream and a wizard put me in there because I stole some gum.

The only building was a market. Before I walked in a baby told me something like “Come w/ me if u want to live” And I remember saying something like “dude, you’re a baby!” and he told me something about how he knows this place really well so I did come with him into the market.

I started to miss my normal life, but the world faded away, so the baby said goodby, and I woke up in my bed (in the dream) AND THEN I woke up in real life.”

5. Started a long time ago.

“I was about 6 when this started and it happened like 3 times every Easter until I was 8.

So I would start with the tinker bell main characters just flying in a very flat open field with green grass at the bottom. tTen suddenly two eggs that kind of looked like mr potato head but as an egg show up.

And then they summon a large wall of thorns to trap the fairies and then the thorns grow and start to suffocate them. Then I always woke up, it was pretty weird.”

6. That’s frustrating.

“I used to have dreams were I could not run and/or speak and I need to warn my family of something and/or run from something, usually monsters.”

7. What might have been.

“Sometimes, when I read a really good book series, I imagine what happens next, but like, years later in the series. I dream about that a lot.

I am still in the process of imagining the future of the Framed! series. Just yesterday I had a dream that I was imagining a bunch of stuff of it, but I didn’t realize it. It was just like a movie in my head.

Anyways, fast forward to halfway through and I hear myself thinking “Should I bring them back?” because I killed off some characters and I thought of them just faking their deaths. So yeah, it was a weird dream and I wrote it all down. I thought of typing it here but it was WAY too long.”

8. Into the forest.

“I used to have a recurring dream that i went out of my lounge/living room door into a forest (in real life it just goes to our garden) and then I would follow a party of people (in my dream it was normally my friends or people I knew from school).

Then they would suddenly disappear and i wouldn’t be able to get out of the forest and would be lost, it would also be completely silent whereas, when the party of people was in my dream, it would be loud.

I haven’t had this dream for a while but i used to get it a lot.”

9. In the dark…

“I sometimes dream about someone helping me in the dark.

I was on the streets, it was dark, I couldn’t see anything.I tried to find my house.Then someone took my hand and led me home.

Or I walked down the stairs in complete darkness, and tripped. But before I could fall, someone caught me.”

10. Might gonna get that checked out.

“A group of people running by me while I’m on a run in complete medieval knight armor with axes, swords, and shields, screaming, Deus Vult! while charging at an army of evil Barneys.

I always say, “Please help me” when I wake up.”

11. Two versions.

“I had this dream frequently when I was in my early teens. They were usually
one of two versions, but both always started the same way.

I’m 10 or 11. I come home at dusk after a full day of playing outside……

Version 1: I find the door to our apartment locked. After knocking for what seems like forever, I’m met at the door by a complete stranger, usually a man. I ask where are my Mom and Dad, and he says he doesn’t know me or what I’m talking about and that I need to go home. I start crying and he closes the door in my face. My crying wakes me.

Version 2: I open the door to our apartment to find it dark and completely empty. I run inside and run to the kitchen, looking for my Mom. The room is dark and completely empty. I call for my Dad, then my Mom as I start to run to every room in the apartment. All of the rooms are dark and completely empty.

I realize that I’m feeling really scared now and I start to panic. I don’t know what to do. I finally run out of our apartment and across the hall to our
neighbors and knock on the door. The Mom that lives there answers the door.

As soon as she sees me, she tells me that my parents moved out late this morning and says they must’ve forgot about me. I start crying and she closes the door in my face. My crying wakes me.”

12. Here’s a long one.

“This might be pretty long

I am a player/ slave/ gladiator in a modern style of the Roman gladiator fights, but instead of fighting we play basketball, one on one until the time is up. I am playing against a boy, and we are an even.

I decide to stop playing in a sort of rebellion against my captures. the boy stops to, and we are ushered off the court. I go outside through a back door, to a drinking fountain. while I’m drinking, My master asks me if I’m going to escape. I say no. when I’m done with the water I walk away from the stadium, making my escape.

I have a sort of apron-coat thingy. I come to a stop at a man with seven plates of chicken. he hands me one. other people, all homeless, join. the man is kind. suddenly people looking for me walk past. I hide my face with the apron- coat. some time after, my phone ,on the ground, has a small candle-like flame on the screen. I press down on the flame and it goes out, but re-appears somewhere else on the screen.

This repeats until the entire phone catches fire. I ask them man to help me put out the flames we try to smother the fire. we fail and the fire melts my phone. I walk away, heading towards a sort of path split behind two buildings on a hill.

I go to the left, walking past a clump of trees separating the path from the building. soon I get to the corner of the building but my seven year old little sister is on the path ahead of me. I sneak closer. a deer walks toward her, Before collapsing in front of her. it’s legs are sticking up.

The legs look like broken sticks, splinters sticking out. my sister walks past it, and I turned around heading towards the clump of trees. my last thought before the dream ends is that I can sleep amongst the trees.”

Let’s get weird!

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