People Talk About the Things That They’re Really Tired of Explaining

Have you ever had to explain something over and over throughout your life to different people? And has it ever gotten to the point where you’re just so fed up with it, you feel like you can’t take it anymore?

Well, I have some good news for you!


And you’re about to hear from a whole bunch of people who are also tired of explaining a certain thing over and over…

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Okay, settle down!

“I am not a time traveling crack dealer from 1992 and this is not a pager in my pocket.

It’s an insulin pump.

Also, I do not have the ‘bad kind of diabetes’. All diabetes is bad, it’s a flipping disease.

Good grief.”

2. Can’t help you.

“I’m a programmer, I write programs.

I do not know how to fix your laptop that won’t turn on.”

3. Not a good idea.

“That those games on Facebook that ask you to tap on your birthday/month or whatever are harvesting your details to be used for not-so-innocent purposes.”

4. Hard to explain.

“My OCD.

I have actual serious, medically-diagnosed OCD.

I have certain habits that I feel I sometimes need
to explain but its hard to convey to someone who
doesn’t have it.”

5. Somehow, I do it.

“How I exist in Los Angeles without a driver’s license/car.

I have a state ID, no I didn’t get a DUI, I have never had a driver’s license, I am 37, I am blind in one eye, don’t feel super safe driving, yes I’ve had about 7 learners permits, just never actually ever took the road test.

I bike a lot, I take uber/Lyft, I live 2 mi from my job, I enjoy taking public transport since I’m originally from east coast, I walk a lot.

I plan group trips with friends out of the city (pre-pandemic life), I might get a license once dmv opens back up bc pandemic made me think it’d be a good idea, I have never gotten a parking ticket.”

6. Good for you.

“Why I’m sober.

I don’t “look like an alcoholic”, I’m educated, I’m a girl, I wear glasses, everyone thinks I’m the most innocent person they’ve ever met. I guess… idk apparently all those things don’t translate to alcoholic, and no one takes me seriously when I tell them I had a serious drinking problem.

They think I just got involved in AA as a precaution or something, they tell me about their friends who are “real alcoholics” unlike me… when they literally know nothing about my drinking.

I’ve gotten into 3 drunk driving car accidents, I got a DUI when I was 18, and last time I relapsed I ended up being held against my will in a mental facility for 6 days after a suicide attempt because I drank for three months almost without stopping.

So it’s obviously a problem.

I don’t tell people this unless I’m helping someone in recovery so I just let them have their weird idealized version of me and move on with my life.”

7. That’s annoying.

“Why I don’t really talk, I am so sick of being asked “why are you so quiet” because I just am.

I can talk to people and understand social cues but I don’t speak unless I think I’m adding something.”

8. Not a joke.

“My skin condition (psoriasis).

It’s autoimmune, but some *sshole at a party always makes sure to make a joke about STDs when they see my marks.

My skin is killing itself.”

9. Yes, I know.

“When people say “you’re really tall” I never know what to say because its not a rude thing to say but its not really a compliment either.

Its just stating a fact about myself that I’m already aware of.

One time someone said it so I said “you have brown hair” he did not get it.”

10. Not that romantic.

“I grew up on a ranch raising cows, pigs, goats, and chickens.

I cannot stand the people who romanticize the lifestyle, I had people say “oh I’m so jealous that must be so peaceful I’d love to own a farm”. It’s not a dream life it’s hours of hard work from the crack of dawn to the evening, it’s not sipping tea on a wrap around porch watching the sunset.

I’ve spent so many days sweating my *ss of, its constant work, constant repairing the machinery that always breaks nearly always being at a loss or being on the verge of losing a sh*t ton of money.

I’ve broken 7 bones just from having these animals accidentally step on me or knock me over, I wouldn’t trade my life for anything and the experiences I’ve had made me better but I can’t stand the people who act like I grew up f*cking around in a field with a bunch of cows.”

11. Here’s the deal.

“I’m Korean

I do not eat dog

I am not related to Kim Jong Un

I am not from North Korea

I do not know every single k pop song in existence

I am not from China

No, I do not eat bats.”

12. Not for everyone.

“Why I don’t drink alcohol.

I mean, I don’t feel like I need to explain that one, but other people want me to.

Is it really such a crime?”

13. It’s different.

“That being an English professor does not mean I’m teaching English to college-aged Americans.

I can’t wrap my head around how the f*ck there are so many people who put themselves through the American education system and somehow never worked out that English = writing and literature.”


“I choose not to drive because it triggers migraines for me. Something about brake lights and stop lights.

It’s worse in the dark, rain, traffic and glare. I really just wish people would stop telling me I need to buy a car, or drive a car, or how much easier life would be if I had one. I have my license.

I can drive if I want to, but to be honest, it’s not worth the three days of vomiting in pain, and four days in bed after.

Stop asking when I’ll buy a car!”

How about you?

What are you tired of explaining to folks?

Talk to us in the comments! We won’t judge you…for the most part.