People Talk About the Things They Did as Kids That They Now Realize Are Weird

©Unsplash,Senjuti Kundu

FACT: Kids are weird.

Actually, they’re REALLY weird.

But you don’t realize how weird you were until you look back on it and think to yourself, “huh…that sure was strange…”.

And I think we can agree that most of us do have those feelings…

Let’s check out these funny stories from AskReddit users about the odd things they did as youngsters.

1. Mixing it up.

“I used to have “science experiments” in the bathroom sink. Meaning, I’d go the bathroom and lock the door.

Once in I’d make sure the sink drain was shut and then proceed to add every cleaner/ chemical/ shampoo etc under the sink to the sink in hopes of a reaction.

Never got one, but it also never stopped me from trying. In hindsight I probably could have killed myself if I had mixed the wrong stuff. I obviously didn’t.”

2. Okay…

“I would only sit on the toilet with the shower cap on my head…”

3. I used to be loaded.

“Had an imaginary friend that I would make bets with, that I was guaranteed to win. The prize being ludicrous amounts of imaginary money.

“Hey Joe, I bet you 1 figillion septriligon dollars I can hold my breath for 3 seconds”

God I was rich back then…”

4. Let’s eat!

“For much of second grade, for some reason, my parents let me pack my own lunch.

I had two sandwiches of choice- one was what I called a triple butter sandwich: peanut butter, apple butter, and butter. A little strange, but okay.

The other was a lettuce sandwich. White bread, mayo, and a few leaves of iceburg lettuce.

I have no idea how they let me eat that for most of a full school year.”

5. Now I’m hungry…

“I used to like chewing sponges. Bath sponges.

I’d get them wet, wring them out a bit then put the whole thing or as much as possible in there and just chew.”

6. I’m pregnant!

“I thought I was pregnant because I was fat.

I watched this TV show that described water breaking before birth and went swimming the next day being worried my water would break while I was in the water and I wouldn’t know and I’d have the baby right then and there.”

7. Very into textures.

“I would wash things made of rubber, like the kind of rubber that already feels slightly tacky, then pat it dry with a really fluffy towel so the rubber would get kind of fuzzy from the towel fluff, then I would just touch it until the fuzz wore off.

Turns out I was just autistic and no one had figured it out yet. I still have a thing about textures but in a much less weird way.”

8. Vacuum fetish.

“I loved the way the air that comes out the back of vacuum’s smelt.

I used to follow the vacuum cleaner around while my mum was cleaning with my face against the vent. I would turn it on when other people were not around and smell it.”

9. Hmmm…

“When I was around 8 years old, I liked the way clean towels tasted. Something I really enjoyed was putting a towel over a straw, and drinking kool-aid through it.

My mother wasn’t a fan of having white towels covered with red spots, so she put a stop to it pretty quick.”

10. Pretty gross.

“I used to keep the last piece of food I was eating in my mouth even for a hour.

For example, if I was eating pizza, the last piece of the last slice would remain in my mouth while I went playing and running around.

I stopped at the age of 9, when I almost died of asphyxiation.”

11. It’s all a conspiracy.

“I would come up with all sorts of supernatural and conspiracy theories to explain the world around me.

I thought people were spying on me. If any one laughed outside while I was on the toilet, I’d be convinced that they could see me and were laughing at me. I wouldn’t characterise it as paranoia, it was more like exteme self-centeredness.

I had trouble comprehending that there was a world out there that didn’t involve me in any way. This went on until I was about 15 – 16 I think.”

12. This is funny.

“I used to stand naked in my bedroom window and try to stay as still as possible so the neighbours would think my parents had had a statue made of me.

I would stand in different poses, too, so they’d think there were multiple statues which my parents would rotate around the house.

The way I saw it, only important people had statues built of them. I wanted the neighbours to know they lived near a pretty important guy.”

13. I see dead people.

“I would go out to my local cemetery and talk to dead people.

I would find someone whose anniversary it was, either birth ar death, and just wish them well. I don’t think it’s weird now, I still do it, but I definitely thought it was weird at the time.”

14. Roadkill.

“Bury roadkill, random bones I’d find, fish scales, ect.

It just seemed more respectful then letting them… sit there. Especially after it got to the point that buzzards and vultures wouldnt even eat it.”

What a bunch of weirdos…

Just kidding, we’re all total weirdos when we’re young.

So tell us about your weird activities from your youth in the comments!