People Talk About Their Interesting “Truth or Dare” Stories

Playing Truth or Dare is a rite of passage when you’re growing up.

All kinds of young people do stupid stunts, pull pranks, make out with each other, and do a whole host of other wild things that they’ll be embarrassed about for the rest of their lives.

And that’s what growing up is all about!

People on AskReddit shared their most interesting “Truth or Dare” stories.

Let’s see what went down!

1. Going places!

“In 4th grade we were playing Truth or Dare on the bus.

Someone dared my friend to lick the floor of the bus.

He did it, and I thought about that moment the whole time he was giving his speech at high school graduation.”

2. Good and bad.

“Worst: I was 13 and the dare was to go into a darkroom with my then gf. She broke up with me instead of fooling around.

Best: I was 36 and on a party night with friends one opened up that he had never played truth or dare as a teenager, and he always regretted missing that experience. We spontaneously started a round of truth or dare.

A friend of my mine chose truth and answered that she wants to have a four-some with us. We stopped playing and had a four-some.”

3. Totally worth it!

“The time I was dared $200 to jump off my roof.

$200 and a couple broken arms later, I was rich AND popular.”

4. Good job, guys.

“Watching two idiots use the pen**es like lightsabers and fighting.”

5. Jeez…

“Was at Scouts.

The trapper had just killed & skinned a possum. Dared a boy to eat his eye.

Wasn’t his eye, was his ball. Kid never lived it down.”

6. Whoa!

“NYE, 1995.

I was dared to kiss a guy that all my friends were crushing on & I really wasn’t. I smooched his lips & everyone was like “that wasn’t a kiss.” So I went in deep and hard for a second one. I was 14 and he was 16. We have been together ever since.

He followed me to college, I followed him out of state for work, we moved back home at 25 & 27, got married. Here we are in 2021 still together. It is so bizarre.”

7. Bummer.

“Best, I was dared to make out for 5 minutes with a boy I really liked.

Worst, he said he didn’t want to play anymore and walked away from the game.”

8. Ouch.

“The worst was when my dumba** friend fell on me while doing the dare of jumping off the table.

Broke his ribs and my foot.”

9. Don’t ever tell her.

“One time when I was around 13/14 I was playing truth or dare with a group of friends and I laughed so hard I pi**ed my pants and all over the bare air mattress I was sitting on.

Luckily it was pretty dark so I don’t think anybody saw the literal puddle of pee next to me, so I mopped it up as best I could with my sweatpants and hoped the rest would evaporate quickly. In the midst of a panic I went and changed into different pants, conspicuously proclaiming “my jeans are actually more comfortable than my sweatpants.”

Anyway, I came back downstairs from changing to find one of my friends asleep with her face right where I had peed. I still haven’t told her and it’s been 8 years.”

10. I can explain…

“One time in high school, a cop stepped onto the bus as I was wearing a girl’s bra on my head like a helmet, like strapped under my chin and everything.”

11. Nice work!

“I licked the school bleachers.

I’m 90% sure I’ve done worse, but I have memory issues so I don’t know if I have or what it was…”

12. Didn’t go well.

“I was dared to suck a guy’s d**k in the bathroom.

He gave me herpes and my mum had to take me to the doctor to get some medicine for it.”

13. Yes!

“I licked my friend’s armpit and puked all over the tree fort.”

14. Doh!

“I humped a wall because I didn’t know what “making out” meant.”

15. This is Heaven!

“In high school once a girl dared me to lick her feet for a minute straight, poor soul didn’t know the fact that I’m a foot guy.

I did it like I was disgusted by it, she seemed so happy and was laughing like she was actually punishing me, in reality it was one of my favorite moments in whole my life.”

16. Just say no.

“Accepted dare to eat an edible.

I occasionally smoked mild indica, the edible was potent sativa.

I don’t remember much of the night after that, but the flashes I do have involve a lot of shaking, anxiety, and puking.


17. A wild night.

“New Years 2004.

Ended up making out with EVERY female at the table, and nearly had s** with one…but a car crash kinda ruined it.”

18. Not too bright.

“A super good BB g**, shot myself in the hand as a dare.

I couldn’t cry so I just sat there for like 20 minutes, after that went to the bathroom and passed out from the pain.

I was like 14-15 years old.”

19. Uh oh…there’s video.

“I was dared to make hickeys on my nipples with a vacuum cleaner.

Luckily, I wasn’t hurt, but then there appeared a video of the process…”

20. Total creeps.

“I was like 12 at a sleepover and some girl was dared to j**k off a pug.

She did it while laughing hysterically until it came… never hung out with them again.”

21. Whew!

“When I was 8 I dared my brother (age 10) to swallow a marble.

Few days passed and he came running to me to go look in the toilet.

There in the toiled was the marble.

We were amazed.”

22. You get an A+.

“I remember in middle school being dared to show my d**k to a girl who was kind of cute.

I did, and got my first handy as a reward.”

23. Here we go…

“This is a very convuluted, complicated story, with much more to it, but ill keep it as short as I can.

I was dared to cover the head of my d**k with Cayenne Pepper, then close my foreskin over top of it. I was 13-14 at the time and was in a situation that would have looked REALLY bad to my foster parents.

Ironically, about 5 minutes after I did the deed, my foster parents pulled up to the house. So everyone playing scattered, but I had a d**k full of cayenne pepper and it was burning, like a lot. But it gets worse.

My friend that was over for the night decides to do it as well because I look like I’m “being dramatic”. He didn’t use as much as me, but we both were in so much pain and regretted everything. So we decided we were gonna go get cleaned up. Me first because I did it first. Except for one kinda big problem.

My foster dad worked in construction, then go to my foster moms business and would help her until she closed. Then he would come home and shower immediately, then go to bed. He would get angry if you tried to shower after he had gone to bed, cause the bathroom was right next to his room, and the pipes were extremely loud.

So by the time I got upstairs to get cleaned up, he was walking towards the only bathroom with a towel in hand. I had to tell my foster mom I was doing the “pee pee dance” cause I was moving around so much and looked so uncomfortable. I couldn’t tell my foster parents the truth, cause that would involve them knowing that we were playing truth or dare and had a fit.

I went outside to “pee” but actually just left my wang hanging in the cool wind to help with the burning sensation that wouldn’t go away. I also tried to scoop some of it off (yes I used that much, because I’m an idiot, that’s why) but if I touched it too hard it was just burning more and felt even more uncomfortable.

So I got the genius idea to grab two glasses of water, take them down for my friend and I, and we would get cleaned up downstairs in my room, then just dump the cayenne d**k water out the window. Sounds great right?

I get the water downstairs, and my friend is already in my room, using one of my deodorant sticks on his junk to try and counter the burning. So he rubbed his sweaty cayenne pepper d**k all over my deodorant I used for school after gym.

By the look on his face, I could tell he could give less than a f**k about it. I couldn’t really either cause I was focused on cleaning myself up. I hand my buddy his glass, and we clean ourselves up to the best of our abilities, dump out the cayenne d**k water, and then go to bed.

The next morning, we go upstairs for breakfast and bring our glasses up. I went to put mine in the sink, and my foster dad said something like “don’t grab another glass we don’t need any more dirty dishes then we already have”. And so I said “oh no I’m just washing ours before dinner”. He says “why? You just had water right? Its not even dirty”.

And because I have social anxiety and didn’t wanna talk about this any more than I already was, I just said “yeah I guess your right”. We both filled our glasses with water, didn’t touch them, then I got yelled at for wasting drinking water (we had to buy our water from in town cause our well water was salt water).

And yes, I forgot about the cayenne d**k deodorant and put it on at school. It burned and chaffed my armpits during flag football. Worst fu**ing game of truth or dare I ever played.”

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