People Talk About What Happens When Couples Don’t Agree About Putting A Baby Up For Adoption

Finding out your pregnant is one of those watershed moments in life where everything changes in an instant. If a baby is something you’ve hoped and prayed for, or something you believe you can handle, it can be a moment of joy.

If a baby is a total surprise, and maybe not a good one, those feelings could definitely be more complicated – and they could get more messy when you involve the other party and decide what to do next.

These 10 people are disagreeing about whether or not they’re ready to take on parenthood (together or apart), and they’re talking about what it’s like to struggle with that decision.

10. Well that’s a lot to unpack.

I’m not sure how you get over something like that.

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9. Those are some tough regrets.

I hope they get to work through those feelings some day.

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8. I bet it’s an excited time.

But one filled with anxiety as well.

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7. That’s a lot for anyone to deal with.

Honestly, I bet many relationships don’t survive.

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6. That validation must be priceless.

In the end, you had to do the best thing for your baby.

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5. How does that even work?

Aren’t there legal questions involved.

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4. There’s some peace in that.

This is the sweetest of stories.

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3. These stories are crazy to me.

Don’t both parents need to sign their rights away?

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2. I feel like there’s a lot more to this story.

I’d like to hear it, to be honest.

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1. There are always questions.

It must hurt to not be able to find answers.

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I do not envy these people, to be honest. It must be one of the toughest decisions ever.

If you’ve made the decision to put a baby up for adoption (or almost did), we’d love to hear your story in the comments.