People Talk About What They Think No One Should Do After the Age of Thirty

Gettin’ old ain’t no joke, folks!

Things change, you don’t get up as easily as you used to, and you have to take care of yourself or else you’ll be hurtin’!

And no matter what age you are, we think these tips from people on AskReddit will be helpful.

Let’s take a look!

1. Rough stuff.

“Drink excessively.

The hangovers are brutal past age 30.”

2. Amen!

“Never stop exercising and never stop learning.

Keep that body and mind working and healthy!”

3. Leave it behind.

“Never be the guy who thinks high school and college were the best years of their life.

Like…that’s always sad to hear from people.

Nothing’s gonna top those years?”

4. Let’s make a plan.

“Not use a calendar. Seriously.

Before I was 30, I’d be able to remember any upcoming dates without needing to write it down.

Now I use one for just about everything, so much so that my wife has started specifically telling me stuff so I can put it in my calendar so she doesn’t forget either.”

5. Probably not a good idea.

“Go to a high school party.

Unless you’re picking up your teenage daughter/son.”

6. Don’t do it.

“Never compare yourself to others.

Especially regarding career/salary, relationships, or whether you have kids.

If you’re on the “good” end, it can make you cocky; if on the “bad” end, it will just make you sad.”

7. It’s never too late.

“Never say “it’s too late”.

There are countless successful people who were in prison cells at some point in their 30s; if a 30 something year old prisoner can become a millionaire in their 40s or 50s, you can get that promotion or race in that triathlon within the next few years if you put the effort in.”

8. Be an early bird.

“Staying up past 2am

This past Saturday I stayed up until 5am (Sunday) hanging out with people, not something I typically do

Took until like Tuesday or Wednesday before I had righted my sleep schedule and wasn’t a zombie for the whole day.”

9. Use it wisely.

“Waste it.

Seriously, your thirties are the last of youthfulness. After 40, things start going downhill: eyesight begins to deteriorate, new mystery aches on the daily, you start seeing physical evidence of gravity’s affect on your body, and taking a shower is an exercise in “what the heck is this [mole/bruise/lump]?”

If I could go back to my 30s, I wouldn’t waste a single moment on feeling old because there’s plenty of time for that when it really does happen.”

10. Good one.

“Go outside without sunscreen.

Not that that banana boat day-at-the-beach sunscreen, but regular moisturizer with SPF 50.

I promise you won’t regret it.”

11. A BIG ONE.

“Sleep on a sh**ty bed.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to do so: get a decent mattress/sleeping arrangement that doesn’t make you wake up in lower-back pain agony.

Kinks worked themselves out when I was 25, now in my mid-thirties even fancy hotel beds f**k me up for days.”

12. Just say no.

“Hard drugs.

Oh man the benders I’ve gone on this year have taken a big toll on my physical and mental health.”

What do you think people shouldn’t do after they turn 30?

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