What Should Everyone Experience in Their Lives? Here’s What People Said.

What’s on your bucket list?

Also, what do you think should be on EVERYONE’S bucket list?

While you think about how you’d answer that question, check out what folks on AskReddit think everyone should experience in their lives.

This will be interesting!

1. Make some art.

“The feeling of creating something (some piece of art, music, etc..) that people you’ve never met go out of their way to tell you they appreciate.

God, that feeling of doing something so well that people just stop to enjoy it, is out of this world.”

2. Important.

“Financial security.

I’ve never had it, and that simple fact has caused me more stress and anxiety than I care to admit.

I do believe that though money can’t bring happiness, when you don’t have it, it can absolutely hinder it greatly.”

3. It’s good for you.

“Everyone should experience doing something significant for someone who can not possibly benefit them in return and doing so for no credit, recognition or return.

Edited since this got some attention (ironic)…. I don’t believe one should act and not derive some self satisfaction. One ought feel good internally about being a good human.

You haven’t failed if you helped a person or animal and felt satisfied. There are myriad quotations that begin/contain “the measure of a man…” and address his idea in some form.

Anyway, do something nice because you can.”

4. Take it all in.

“Watching the ocean at night in the dead of winter on a silent beach.

I’ve never felt more connected to the history of everything than at those times.”

5. I love it.

“Living alone.

Being truly by yourself for long periods of time can teach you invaluable things when becoming an adult.”

6. Helps you grow.

“Being wrong.

Being shown that you’re wrong.


7. Get energized!

“A massage, not s**ual in any way though.

A relaxing massage of the back, thighs legs and feet. It’s truly refreshing and you feel new and energized.”

8. Up in the sky.

“Go see some stars. Go camping in a national park.

Watch the stars. Go see a meteor shower in the desert.

The cosmos are rad, man!!”

9. Solo trip.

“I pretty much exclusively travel alone.

I love doing what I want and no one else interrupting my flow and vibe.”

10. Working with the public.

“Fast food and / or retail labor.

If you’ve never experienced it or anything like it, your eyes are bound to be opened a it by the experience.

At least, I would never have understood.”

11. Wow.

“Doing pest control in a city for 1-6 months. Not to understand the complex life, evolution and behaviors of organism and the environmental stimulations, which is invaluable on its own.

But to witness the diversity of the human condition. Never had a I been so humbled by people that live like kings and in squalor. Some wealthy are in a bubble, others are deep and care. The poor you end up seeing live with either what they got dealt with or the consequences of their choices(or others).

But more than that you see that life can never be black and white for you ever again. Some people live with a terrible hand, some are absolutely crazy. Some are doing great despite living in a rough area. You’ll learn you can’t save everybody, but a small act of kindness can be so impactful. You’ll develope thick skin as some will want more out of you that you really can’t stretch.

Most of all you’ll understand that children are the true victims of this world, and that being some hero isn’t always the answer. Sometimes the answer is to just be better or patient to people along your path, because you have no idea what their yesterday, or yesterday’s were like.

Maybe they were evil, maybe they were a victim, maybe they are victorious and amazing. You will see and meet so many that it will not doubt change you. Not to mention you’ll also be more selective when it comes to restaurants.”

12. Sounds nice.

“Peace and quiet of nature.

Driving out to the wilderness and being able to sit and think deeply without the noises of traffic and city life helps you relax and get away from your busy life.

I recommend at least once a month. Plus the views of the nightsky is breathtaking.”

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