People Talk About When They Think the Bad Guys in Stories Were Actually Right

 It’s true, folks!

Sometimes, the bad guys are RIGHT and the good guys are WRONG.

But we don’t always see things so clearly, so we need some help to see the truth from time to time.

And these AskReddit users were nice enough to fill us in!

Check out what they had to say.


“Any documentary about card counting told from the casino’s perspective. Card counters are made to be the bad guys in these documentaries even though we really arent doing anything wrong

Casinos are inherently morally corrupt and terrible for communities. They use several tactics to make it impossible for the average person to realize how much money they are actually spending.

And card counting isn’t even cheating. Its not like how the movies make it out to be. REAL card counting is simply looking at the cards as they come out of the shoe. Theres no trick. Its just looking at the cards and using a memorization system to keep track of everything.

For an apt comparison, imagine being banned from chess tournaments for “using your head too much”. Thats what card counters get banned for. Thinking too hard.

And casinos make US out to be the bad guy for being above average at ONE casino game. Insane how we are the “bad guys” when in reality, they make hundreds of thousands by getting patrons drunk enough to the point that they blow all their savings.

F**k casinos.”

A hot take.

“Syd from Toy Story.

How the hell was he supposed to know that toys are secretly alive and can feel things? They toys never told him this or gave any indication that he was doing anything wrong, and the moment he becomes aware of it, he’s horrified by it (and presumably never “hurts” a toy again).

What’s more, he’s not purely destructive. His destruction is creative. He performs play “surgeries” on the toys and rebuilds them once he’s torn them apart. I understand how it might seem macabre, but this kid might have ended up being a mechanic or surgeon someday if the toys hadn’t scarred him for life.”

Terrible story.

“The ‘dingo ate my baby’ lady.

Not that she was a bad guy in the traditional sense but she was ridiculed and mocked and then criticized for wasting police officers time.

All the while wild dingos actually did take her baby and k**led it for food.”

A real nuisance.

“Tom from Tom and Jerry.

No one says that he is bad, but the stories are written to make you think that he is bad and Jerry is the cool and fun guy.

Tom is just minding his business until Jerry appears and starts to annoy him.”

Not seeing it.

“Shylock from The Merchant of Venice.

In our literature class, we had no option but to view him as a villain but I just don’t see it…”

He was right.

“Iceman in Top Gun.

I used to work in naval aviation and he was totally right, Maverick was dangerous and unreliable.”

Breakin’ the law.

“The original Fast & Furious.

I don’t know why we’re supposed to be excited about people stealing CRT televisions from trucks.

I was rooting for them to be caught.”

Was Doc the bad guy?

“The Libyans in Back to the Future.

Do you think you can just steal someone’s plutonium and get away with it?”

The invasion.

“From history: The US-Mexican War.

We basically provoked Mexico and then the President lied about it and blamed Mexico so we could justify invading and taking land. We ended up with several of our southern states.

Mexico still teaches this as the “US invasion.” Which is true.”

Who you gonna call?

“Walter Peck in Ghostbusters.

The proton packs are unlicensed nuclear accelerators (this is explained to the audience by Ray when the guys are at their first job). The Ghostbusters built everything themselves in what appears to be a short amount of time, with no regulations or inspections.

It’s perfectly reasonable and legal for the EPA to investigate the storage facility and the equipment.”

Minding his own business.

“The shark in Jaws.

It’s a shark, the ocean is its home and where its species has thrived for millions of years.

It’s not the shark’s fault the dumba** mayor inisted on keeping the beaches open and downplaying everything resulting in more d**ths.”

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