People Are Telling This Woman to Dump Her BF After She Shared His Instagram Caption


Last week a woman named Isabella Koval shared two photos side-by-side that looked similar, but had very different meanings…and got very different reactions from fellow social media users. Koval shared screenshots of the same photo posted by her and her boyfriend. It was the different captions that caused a bit of an uproar. First, Koval’s photo:

Her boyfriend posted the same photo, but his caption was much different.

Photo Credit: Twitter, bellakoval

Predictably, many folks online were upset and suggested that Koval dump her boyfriend. Others shared their similar experiences with their significant others.

And it didn’t stop there…

And again…

No word on whether Koval gave her man the heave-ho, but it’s clear that a lot of ladies out there feel pretty strongly about this whole thing.

(h/t: Distractify)

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