People Weigh in on Whether It’s Better to Be Too Hot or Too Cold

If you would have asked me about this when I was a kid, I definitely would have told you that I prefer to be cold…it wouldn’t have even been up for debate.

BUT, the older I get, the more I really don’t like the cold weather and just being cold in general.

The only possible exception I can think of is when I’m trying to sleep. That’s when the room has to be like a meat locker, no questions asked.

Here’s what one person said about the hot vs. cold debate on Reddit.

Being too cold is WAY better than being too warm.
by inunpopularopinion

Here’s how Reddit users responded to this divisive opinion.

1. Truth!

“You can always put more/warmer clothes on to warm up.

You can’t go further than naked to try and cool down.”

2. Not a fan of the cold.

“I disagree. From the Northeast and I’m so sick of dealing with freezing weather.

It’s such a pain in the *ss needing to put on 10 layers of clothes and boots just to run out to your car and get your phone charger.

Can’t ride my motorcycle. Dealing with snow. Cold so cold it hurts your face.”


“Super-hot is better than super-cold.

Super-hot is very uncomfortable but unless it’s actually up near the limits of Earth’s temperature range, it won’t permanently damage or kill you.

Super-cold can easily kill you fairly fast if you aren’t dressed properly.”

4. Can’t get anything done…

“I lived in New York most of my life The winters can get harsh. The last 5 years I’ve been in Florida.

I can tell you this much. When it was 25° for weeks on end in New York nobody did anything outside nothing. in Florida in the summer it’s 94 degrees every day for months.

You can still get stuff done. You won’t be outside all day but you can go outside for short periods. Working outside in the winter was the worst thing.”

5. Bring on the heat.

“I completely disagree. I work outside for a lot of my job.

If you get too cold, it causes pain.

Too hot? You get tired and just drink some water to be good.”

6. I’m good.

“I’ve lved in hot and cold climates.

Once you’re cold, thats it, its bone chilling and no amount of layers will help you get back from that.

Like, sure you can layer up beforehand, but then what – you have so many layers on that you’re the stay puff marshmallow man.

Nah, I’m good. Ill take the heat over the cold, always.”

7. Painful.

“I went from a super hot country in the winter and landed in New York.

That’s the day I realized that heat is uncomfortable, cold is painful.”

8. Layer up.

“You can only take so many layers off to become colder but you can always add more clothes to become warmer!

I’d rather freeze to death than burn”

9. It hurts!

“Being too warm is way better.

Being to warm is a mild inconvenience being too cold start to hurt my fingers and toes and it becomes uncomfortable to do well anything.”

10. Warm wins.

“Yeah, when it’s really cold it doesn’t matter how many layers I’m wearing.

My face stings, my eyes are dry, and my fingers will barely even bend. When it’s really hot I just sweat a little bit and drink some water.

Warm weather for the win.”

11. The extremes.

“If you take it to the extremes, I prefer heat.

I’ve lived in North Dakota and been outside through -58° nights and also in Phoenix, being outside through 118°. The heat is way better, the cold is just painful and miserable.

But when it comes to being inside my house or more normal settings than working outside, I prefer it a little chilly to being hot.”

12. Sweat is annoying, but…

“I think being too cold is literally physically painful. I get like instant cramps in my torso and neck when i go into a cold environment. And a lot of times a jacket just isn’t enough.

I can never remember being in physical pain from the heat unless its like a hot stove burner level hot or maybe i get a headache if I’m just not drinking water.

Sweat is annoying but it doesn’t hurt.”

13. I agree with the sleep part…

“Burrowing under thick blankets in cold weather makes for great sleep.

Who has a good night lying naked on top of sweat-soaked sheets?”

14. Working outside.

“I work outside.

Too hot is uncomfortable and maybe gross, but manageable with enough water and uv protection. Too cold is a mean beast that bites you to your bones and leaves you sore even when you get out of it.

Then again, I’ve almost lived my entire life in southern US/tropical areas so I’m all about the heat and summertime regardless of where I’m working.”

So how about you?

Would you rather be really hot or really cold?

Tell us what you think in the comments. Please and thank you!