People Who Are A Breath Away From Quitting Their Jobs And Aren’t Afraid To Tweet About It

At one time or another, most of us have or will work a job we absolutely hate. In an ideal world, that wouldn’t be the case. We could quit as soon as we realized it was sucking our soul and go on to find something better – but in reality, that takes financial security that many people just don’t have.

So, we toil away, waiting for the day when we can finally slap our resignation down on our boss’s desk.

For these 19 people walking right along the edge, that day just might come sooner rather than later.

19. This would infuriate me.

I might have to quit just on principle.

18. That is the rub.

If only there were some way around it.

17. I can’t afford steak, sir.

Would you like to hear more about why?

16. It can be a lot.

Especially if they turn out to be villains instead of heroes.

15. That’s a bad feeling.

You can just watch your whole life slipping away.

14. Ah, a true calling in life.

If only dog mom (or human mom, for that matter) paid better.

13. It’s that whole “needing money to live” thing.

Gets us every single time.

12. There’s no good answer here.

And he probably doesn’t care what it was going to be, anyway.

11. Personal reasons indeed.

I swear we could all come up with a list to this effect.

10. A mental health day!

We should all be taking them.

9. It must have been really funny.

Maybe no one else has a sense of humor.

8. Let’s hope it wasn’t.

And just count our wins.

7. Vacation can just make you realize you really don’t want to go back.

Yes, I speak from experience.

6. A quick Google could have fixed that.

And now look what you’ve done to your relationship with your employee.

5. And never go back home…

Don’t mind me. Just daydreaming.

4. Time to play it off.

Oh no, me either definitely not.

3. I could make a list of these, too.

Vacations can be from places, people, or both.

2. Simple answer, mate.

Take a look in the mirror, yeah?

1. You’re going to have to be more specific.

That could be any day, if we’re being honest.

I mean…it’s hard to blame any of these folks, right? Jeez.

If you’ve gotten to quit a job you hated, tell us in the comments what was the last straw for you!