People Who Investigated a Strange Noise at Night Share What Happened

I’ve definitely been home alone and heard something in the middle of the night that made my heart start racing.

Was that someone trying to break in?

Maybe it was an animal?

Or maybe it was just the wind or some creaky floorboards?

Luckily, I’ve only experienced the latter…but hearing strange noises at night is always unsettling.

Folk on AskReddit who investigated bumps in the night talk about what happened.

Let’s get spooky…

1. Neuter that cat!

“I was jolted out of a sound sleep around 3am by a small child screaming out “MOM!!!”

I’m not a Mom, I don’t own a small child.

As I got out of bed to investigate this creepy situation, bedroom door next to my room slammed shut… immediately followed by “Mommmmmmm!!!”

I lived alone…

Bolted to the kitchen, grabbed a giant butcher knife, and worked up the courage to confront whatever was in the spare room.

Slammed the door open, flipped on the light. My (at the time, unneutered) cat, was standing in the open window, calling into the wind “MMMMMRRRROWWWWWWWW” at what appeared to be another cat in the yard.

As I stood in the middle of the room laughing to myself, gust of wind came back through and slammed the door shut behind me.

Windows got closed, cat got neutered shortly after.”

2. A notorious past…

“The house I live in has a notorious past (no details, or you’d figure out my exact address with a quick google search), but before I found out about its history I had a series of sleep paralysis episodes in my bedroom (the area where the incident occurred, it turns out).

About once every 3 weeks or so, I am startled awake by (what I tell myself is) sleep paralysis, where there is simultaneous loud scratching and banging on the door panels to our attic’s crawl space.

Our master bedroom happens to be the in the attic, and both of the crawl space access points are fully sealed from the inside and out. One is blocked by my dresser, and the other is in my fiancé’s closet (and nailed shut), so I’ve never attempted to investigate.

We also have a basement apartment that we AirBnB, and over a 2-day span of cleaning it between a long-term tenant and an AirBnB one, I found 4 human adult teeth (2 in the den, 2 on the welcome mat the next day – one after the other, even though I should have seen the second one at the same time I found the first one).

I asked the tenant who’d moved out if they had any possible explanation, but they only offered a few dismissive options. No AirBnB guest has reported weird s**t, so I just presume whatever brought the teeth is gone now?”

3. Unwanted visitor.

“I’m a +50 year old widow. Laying in bed about 11:30 one night, reading, and I hear what sounds like someone trying to pry open my kitchen door at the back of the house.

I grab my firearm and start creeping through the house. I get in the kitchen and try to gently pull aside the blinds over the window above the sink to see the back porch – nothing there and the sound has stopped. So I think I’m crazy, start to walk out and hear it again.

A really sharp sound. So I ooze over to the backdoor and peek out that window. Nothing! But the sound keeps happening like it’s just on the other side of the wall. I sneak into the bathroom and peek out THAT window…

It’s an opossum. He’s using his claws trying to lift up the heavy but unsecured door into my cellar.

It flashed across my mind to shoot him out of spite for scaring me silly, but of course I didn’t. I did call him foul names and curse his lineage, though.”

4. Shouldn’t be doing that at night.

“I was home alone at night, watching TV quietly downstairs in the dark when I heard a loud BANG like a gunshot.

It came from the direction of our back porch, but it was dark and I couldn’t see anything out the windows when I went over and checked. So I noped outta there and ran upstairs to my bedroom and locked my door. The next morning I went downstairs and there’s a golf ball on our back porch.

I live on a golf course and some idiot golfed at night and nearly scared me to d**th.”

5. Good Lord.

“In the middle of a snow storm that would end up delivering about 18” of snow. It was 3 am and there was an incredibly loud noise that woke me up and I could hear things from my kitchen crashing across the floor.

I immediately grab a gun with a mounted flashlight, come around the bed and peer into the darkness around the door frame. I don’t see or hear anything, so I flip the light’s momentary switch on and swing slowly around the corner, sweeping the light across the room.

I flip back to the other side of the door frame and “pie” down the hallway to see if it’s clear then slowly take a step towards the kitchen.

Now I can see there’s debris all over the floor. Broken glass candle holders, K-Cups, my now shattered cigar ashtray, and various items that would accumulate on a small kitchen shelf, which was actually a cover over a radiator inside a cabinet. The shelf/cover is also on the floor amongst the wreckage.

I check the window nearby, and the back door, everything looks good. I walk to the front of the house, naked and d**k swinging, checking rooms and windows as I go. That door is fine too. What the hell. I head back towards the kitchen and see a cat inspecting the damage and another just standing there, chilling.

This was way too much damage to be done by cats, I thought, but if there was an attempt, it would have been these two.

I then take my attention to the snow outside and see the yellow warning light strobe through the falling snow from my landscaper’s plow truck and realize that I had heard the metal blade scraping across my asphalt driveway while I was looking through the house.

I put on pants, boots and a jacket and step outside into the driving snow. I see the truck sitting there, motionless, motor running, and driver door ajar, and reach back inside for the gun.

I step back out and finally see one of the employees of the landscaper staring at a giant hole in the side of my house. He backed into my f**king house.

6. Call the cops.

“Sounds of people creeping around my house.

I proceed to sneakily look out my windows to see an unfamiliar car parked under the street lamp right in front of my house.

It is two idiots pulling on car doors to steal from ones left unlocked. Called the cops and justice was served that night.”

7. The creeper.

“I heard a noise outside and went to investigate. I used my handy dandy flashlight to look around the yard and saw nothing out of place.

Decided it must have been a skunk since it was about that season where they take over the neighborhood and went back inside. It’s got to be 2 or 3 am so I go back to my room to go back to sleep. Not entirely sure why but I decided to look through my bedroom window with the lights off and using my hands as binoculars.

What do I see but a pair of creepy eyes staring right into my soul! I let out the tiniest of squeaks, run to my house phone (it was 2006 so I didn’t own a cell phone yet) and call 911. They caught the creeper and turns out he had my neighbor’s jewelery on him.

Good times!”

8. Might have been a ghost.

“One night I was sitting on my couch with my dog, only other person home was my sister who was upstairs.

My basement door in the kitchen had a very distinct noise when opening and closing…I heard that noise and subsequently heard footsteps in the kitchen.

I screamed my sister’s name and no one answered…grabbed my pug and bolted upstairs to her room where we called my dad and he came home to investigate, found nothing out of the ordinary.

To this day I’m still convinced my dad’s house has a ghost of sorts.”

9. Crazy.

“I’m gaming one night and suddenly the house starts to shake and crack in a very odd way. Look like it’s slowly sinking.

I used to build houses as a young adult living at my moms place so I did most of the foundation patch work on her old house. The house was on cinderblock pillars and was not up to code.

I thought the foundation was crumbling because of me. Freaked the f**k out, got everyone awake and in the living room where I knew it was safe.

I go check the crawlspace.. all seems ok besides a few extra cracks. When I get out people are all over the streets and the light are on, cops are running to a house down the street that broke.

Turns out I was living my first earthquake in Montreal, Canada. I had never experienced one before.”

10. Close call.

“I thought I heard someone trying to break through the side gate and get into the backyard. It turns out that there was someone trying to break through the side gate to get into my backyard.

By the time I made it back to investigate though, my dogs had scared him off and he had run clear through the wooden gate, knocking out a few slats and leaving a bit of blood behind for his troubles.”

Have you ever been brave enough to investigate a spooky sound at night?

If so, please share your stories with us in the comments.

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