People Who Live in Tourist Destinations, What Do You Want Tourists to Stop Doing? People Responded.

I can’t decide whether it would be a lot of fun or a total nightmare to live in a tourist town…

And maybe it’s both, who knows?

But we’re gonna get some straight dope today from AskReddit users about what they want tourists to stop doing in their towns.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Put on some clothes.

“I live in Phuket. We see everything here.

But wear at least a singlet when you go to a sit down restaurant or cafe that’s not in a direct tourism area.

You have bare chested bros swagger into a cafe where Thai office workers are, guns out, pecs out, sweating, and then order their drinks and proceed to sit there in ball sweat talking about loud bro things.”

2. Rude.

“Don’t carve your name!

The amount of people who need to carve their names onto historical buildings and statues is crazy. You’re ruining the place.

And respect peoples properties. Yeah, it’s a cute street with cute houses and charming gardens. But that does NOT give you the right to enter peoples private properties to peep in their windows, walk in their gardens and try to open their doors.

A colleague is selling his house because he’s tired of people peeping in their windows and trying to open their door to have a look inside. He got yelled at for being inappropriate while he was sunbathing in his own garden by a tourist who let themself in the gate and walked around the house to have a look at his garden.”

3. Safety first.

“Going on the black rocks and being swept out to the Atlantic Ocean, risking the lives of first responders and locals many of whom are already traumatized from Swiss Air.”

4. Locals only.

“I live in SoCal and … there’s a lot, but one thing I find hilarious is the way people complain about the locals at Disneyland.

“The passholders ruin it for everyone! It’s too crowded!” Like ok let me just not enjoy my local amusement park so that you can have less crowds during your vacation. Maybe stop traveling here in the summer. It’s SoCal; it’s warm all year long. Come in the winter.

Another funny complaint I heard was: “It’s weird seeing the locals walk around chilling, like it’s just a normal day for them. It kind of ruins the magic of Disney.””

5. Not very smart.

“Stop trying to hike up a mountain in flip-flops!

Also, don’t try to use an air mattress as a mode of transport between islands.

Several of these every year…”

6. Ugh.

“Allowing their kids to do whatever they want.

I grew up in a small tourist town that does Civil War re-enactments ( Ulysses S. Grant lived there when he won the presidency). Once a year they have a weekend where the Boy Scouts take over the town camping down by the river, taking tours of the historic buildings etc.

Every year most of the downtown shops will close for this weekend because of how much the Boy Scouts will steal or vandalize while there. Everyone that lives there dreads that weekend because the troop leaders just let the scouts do whatever they want.”

7. Why?


Or don’t, some of us are entertained by the videos of you flying through the air.”

8. Dangerous.

“Stopping their cars in the middle of the road to take in a view. WTF?

I’ve seen idiots chasing bears with cubs into the forest to take pictures with their phones. A friend of mine lost a relative because a Touron in a bear jam didn’t look before pulling back into traffic on the road because he was so focused on the bear and didn’t see the cyclists.

Hit one of them and broke the cyclist’s neck.”

9. Hawaii.

““I paid a lot to be here” “Change (blank) or I’ll leave a horrible review”

Driving like a d**khead, leaving garbage anywhere but a rubbish bin, stopping in the middle of the road to let out your family of 12 instead of pulling into the parking lot. I have a lot of stories.

I live in Hawaii and work only with tourists. Best yet, My company was asked to contact the cruise ship company to have them move the ship because it disrupted the sunset.”

10. Terrible.

“Driving d**nk.

I live in Sonoma County, California. Make sure you’ve got a sober driver.

The roads around here are never more dangerous than winery tasting room closing time on a sunny weekend.”

11. Do not pass.

“In my hometown, it somehow became a thing that tourists would rent mopeds.

So when you are trying to get to work, you often get stuck behind a flock of tourists on mopeds, riding at 20MPH in formation so you cannot pass them.

We are infested with gawking tourists moped gangs. If they want to rent mopeds, at least go the speed limit, and ride in a manner that allows others to pass you.”

12. No more!

“Stop feeding the seagulls.

Watching seagulls steal entire ice cream cones from the innocent hands of soon to be crying children is its own kind of tourist attraction in some beachside towns.”

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