People Who Texted Their “Number Neighbors” Share their Results – Good and Bad

©Wikimedia Commons

Do you know about this whole “number neighbor” phenomenon? It’s when you text someone who has a phone number just like yours but one digit off, and then you see what happens!

Well, it’s here, people like it, and you should jump on board.

Because the results are pretty hilarious.

1. This one started it all

2. Hey, that’s a win!

3. I believe in you

4. BFF

5. That’s how it’s supposed to work

6. Homies

7. That’s random

8. That was quick

9. Seems like a classy guy


11. Uh oh

12. Unsettling

13. I wasn’t aware…

14. Goodbye

15. Let’s end on a high note

I’m gonna dial up my number neighbor this instant!