Person Asks if They’re Wrong for Towing Their Sister’s Friend’s Car

This one seems pretty cut and dry to me…if you block someone’s car in on purpose, you can expect to get your vehicle towed.

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AITA for having my sister’s friend’s car towed when she kept intentionally blocking me in my driveway?

“Backstory, I am 10 years older than my younger sister and have a house about 2 hours from my parents’ house where she lives.

My sister often stays with me on the weekends because I live a few minutes from a large recreational lake. This is fine, as long as she is quiet and allows me to sleep as I work 5a-5p shifts all weekend. My sister is very courteous, and I enjoy having her over.

However, my sister has been bringing her new friend with her. They drive separately because the friend leaves for summer school on Sunday nights, and my sister is on summer break and often stays until Monday afternoon so we can spend more time together because I work weekends. This friend has been nothing but trouble.

She is very loud, obnoxious, and annoying. She often wakes me several times during the night laughing loudly, going in and out of the house and slamming the door, using the microwave/oven timer, etc. I have nicely told her to please keep the noise down, and she always says that she is trying to be quiet but forgets sometimes that I’m there.

The major issue is that the friend continues to park directly behind me in my driveway where I cannot back out to go to work in the mornings. I go to bed around 8pm on Fridays, and the friend usually arrives at my house later than that, so I can’t catch it as it happens. I always have to find her keys in the morning to move the car myself or if I can’t find them, wake her to move her car.

This has almost made me late for work every Saturday for the past five weeks. I remind her the next day when I get home to please not park behind me because there is plenty of street parking, but it never fails for her to be behind me the next Saturday when I leave for work.

This week was the last straw. I set up a traffic cone behind my car last night to remind her to not park behind me. When I woke up this morning, I saw that she had MOVED THE CONE and parked behind me even though the space behind my sister was empty and there was plenty of street parking in front of my house.

I was extremely angry, as this was at least the 5th week I’d told her to not park behind me. I called a tow truck and had her car towed. While I was at work, I got an angry text from the friend asking about her car. I explained to her that I’d had it towed and that she was not to block me in intentionally again, or she was no longer welcome in my house.

My sister and her friend both think I’m TA, but I feel that after so many reminders, my actions were justified. AITA?”

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