Person Wants to Know If They’re Wrong for Not Sharing Their Hotel Room With Their Family That Never Plans Ahead

This kind of stuff drives me insane.

I’m talking about when people keep putting stuff off, keep putting it off even longer, and then they turn to you to fix it…

Even though you were the one telling them to do it in the first place…

Take a look at this story from Reddit and see if you think this person acted inappropriately.

AITA for not sharing my hotel room with my family that never plans ahead?

“My family has a wedding coming up next month. Knowing I would be in the wedding I went to book my hotel room as soon as I knew the date, about six months ago.

I was shocked to see that all the nicer hotels in the area were going for $600 per night, which is too much especially since I’m in the wedding and will stay multiple nights. I ended up just getting at a room at an okay hotel near the venue. And for just ten dollars more a night at 150 I got an upgraded corner room. (Single room but larger with a pull out couch).

I told my family about the hotel situation and told them to book it now, especially since they wouldn’t be charged until check in and could cancel up until the day before check in.

At the time they made fun of me for staying at such a budget hotel. Basically saying they wouldn’t be caught dead in a place like that and if it’s their first hotel stay since covid they want to stay somewhere nicer.

A few months go by and the bride messages me to make sure I booked a room cause the hotel prices are ticking up, 800 for the nice hotels and 200 for the budget one. I tell her I am good and remind my family to book ASAP.

Well here we are a month before the wedding and they didn’t book a room. They thought the prices would come down as the date got closer. Now the budget hotel is fully booked and the only hotels within 30 minutes are 1000 per night.

They now want to stay in my room with my husband and I. It would be my parents, sister, brother and his girlfriend. They want to bring air mattresses. I mean technically we could fit but I just feel like they never plan ahead and I am always going out of my way to solve their problems. Plus my husband and I haven’t taken any time off since our wedding in 2019 and since we are saving for a house I don’t see us doing another trip anytime soon.

I told my family this but they think I think I am too good for them. I just want to spend some quality time with my husband and their lack of planning shouldn’t derail my weekend.

Am I the a**hole?”

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Words to live by, in my opinion!

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And this individual brought up a very good point.

That room would be a madhouse!

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Lastly, this reader made it plain and simple: this isn’t their fault and they should be able to enjoy their vacation without these kinds of distractions.

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