Photographer Captures the Mountains of Trash Left Behind After Mardi Gras in New Orleans

©Facebook,Sidney Donaldson Wedding Photography

I worked on a food truck in New Orleans for three Mardi Gras celebrations in a row and I can tell you that the amount of trash on the street after those crazy parties is almost unfathomable.

Luckily, the city street sweepers descend on the streets after the debauchery and take care of it, but it’s still pretty unbelievable.

Between all the beads, the empty cups, cans, and bottles, and whatever trash might have been thrown on the ground, these workers have a mountain of garbage to deal with.

New Orleans-based photographer Sidney Donaldson captured the aftermath of Mardi Gras and you have to see it to believe it.


2. Littered streets.

3. A lot of pizza and po boys being consumed.

4. Hand grenades and beads.

5. A sea of garbage.

6. All lit up in neon.

7. A lot of drinking going on.

8. Shot of Bourbon Street.

9. Men at work.

10. Bring out the bulldozer.

11. Making some progress.

12. Getting there!

13. It takes an army to clean up this mess.

14. A lot of discarded beads.

15. All cleaned up!

WOW! That’s a lot of trash!

Have you ever been down to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras before?

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