These Pies Are Freaking Gorgeous. Can I Just Eat Them with My Eyes?


Incredibly, the genius behind these gorgeous pies only bakes her artwork in her spare time because she has a 9 to 5 job as an executive assistant. But, based on her talent, I’d be willing to bet that won’t last too much longer. Just take a look at one of Lauren Ko’s pies: (follow her here)

Ko is a 30-year-old Seattle resident, and the pies she designs and bakes have caught the attention of a whole lot of Instagrammers out there.

Ko says:

“I come from a family of good eaters and phenomenal home cooks, so it feels a bit as if I’ve been cooking and baking my whole life. I have a lot of memories growing up of being in the kitchen and baking with my mom or watching my grandmother cook. I do really enjoy cooking and baking, so have continued to do it on my own since.”

She added, “I usually have some nebulous idea in my head for design and then improvise as I go along, depending on how well the dough or fruit cooperates with my vision. My final products are generally happy accidents.”

She said she started her Instagram page to showcase her food separately, and in only a matter of months, she’s gained 90,000 followers. Ko said, “I’m perpetually shocked, a bit overwhelmed but mostly just really grateful.”

Ko only bakes for fun – at least for now. She said, “Opening a pastry shoppe is not my end goal. But never say never, right?”

Let’s cross our fingers and hope that Ko branches out and starts selling these babies at some point. Seattle trip, anyone?

Take a look at a few more of Ko’s amazing pastries:

h/t: Mashable