This Plus-Size Instagram Personality Has a Message for the Trolls Who Think Her Man Looks Too Good for Her


Social media is amazing for many reasons: it helps young businesses thrive, it connects people from opposite ends of the globe, and it has the power to open people’s minds and change their perceptions about many issues. One of those issues is body positivity, and a shining example of that is Melissa Gibson, a plus-size Instagram star who challenges societal norms about what women’s bodies should look like.

As you also know, one of the huge downsides of social media is trolls. They’re everywhere, and they are hateful. They’re also little cowards who hide behind their keyboards.

Like so many, Melissa Gibson hasn’t been immune to online bullying. When Gibson posted a photo of her and her boyfriend on New Year’s Eve with the caption, “2017 brought you into my life, and we face 2018 together. Wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else. Love you Johnathan ❤️ ” the online haters came out of the woodwork to insult Gibson, saying her boyfriend was “too attractive for her.”

The comments have since been deleted, but people accused Gibson of being unworthy of her boyfriend (as if he has no agency in this situation?). Gibson posted another photo with her boyfriend with the following caption:

When taking a picture in a sparkly dress next to the man you love makes people comment about your body, question your relationship, make judgements about him for loving you.

Our relationship is political. Even though we both know how natural and right it feels. And if the world won’t just let us be, we will keep fighting for our love, for our space, for our right to be seen, accepted without question, and celebrated.

Gibson continued,

In all honesty it’s silly to think it bothers people so much, but when privileged people base their value on attraction and relationships, it results in the plethora of relationships that look like mine being erased and delegitimized. Like somehow I don’t deserve him or our love isn’t real. We are exactly what each other wants, and guess what, our bodies are a part of that. It’s not a abnormal or a fetish. It’s simply natural.

So while you insist on yelling your insecurities and bigotry at me, realize I’m not playing the game you play any longer. I’m not playing by your rules. And it’s honestly sad you still are. 2018 is the year for Love that is not defined by weight, age, ability, genitals, gender, sexuality. Not defined by race or ethnicity or religion. We’re having more fun this way anyway ?.

And Gibson has plenty of supporters in her corner:

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Keep fighting the good fight Melissa!

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