Preacher Carrying a “You Deserve Rape” Sign Gets Hit with a Baseball Bat

Image Credit: Twitter

In America, people are allowed to express their opinions in public, regardless of how sane, popular, or offensive said opinions may be.

However, other people are also allowed to respond to your opinions with their own thoughts. That’s free speech right there.

Now, assault is a crime and you run the risk of charges being filed if you take the expression of those opinions from verbal to physical, but I think most people would agree that if you hold up a sign that says “you deserve to be raped”…you’re kind of asking for it.

Street preacher Brother Dean Saxton is no stranger to controversy. He chooses to spend his time harassing the public about how homosexuality and straying from his faith will surely send them straight to the proverbial fires of hell.

He was demonstrating at Apollo High School with a sign that said “You Deserve Rape,” using a megaphone to warn students of fire and brimstone, when someone took offense.

The video, posted on YouTube but since removed, has the audio of him being hit from behind, but the assault itself is not on film. Brother Dean walked away, bleeding a bit from the head, and pressed charges against Tabitha Brubaker. Brubaker is 19 and faces charges of aggravated assault, though she says she was not involved in the incident.

Supporters raised Tabitha’s bond, so she’s out of jail while she awaits trial. Lawyers have also offered to represent her for free.


As for Saxton, he’s hanging around schools like the University of Arizona, telling kids that Muslims are terrorists, homosexuality is a sin, and students wearing yoga pants deserve rape.

I’d say it’s only a matter of time before someone kicks his ass again.

As for Twitter, well…they mostly agree with me, and their tongue-in-cheek reactions are on point.



If you ask me, more schools need to ban him from their private property.