Proof That Micromanaging Bosses Never Come Out Ahead

If you’re a manager, then you know there are all manner of employees out there. Especially when you’re managing in food service or a minimum-wage industry, your people run the gamut from teens who are learning a first job to people who are willing to do just the bare minimum in order to get that paycheck.

So, when you nab a teenager who is company-minded and willing to stay for the long haul, most managers know to treat that person like the star employee they are.

That’s not what happened in this story, though, which stars a kid who had been working at a pizza place for 5 years, 4 of them in management, and continues on the same way even as he tackles a full University schedule.

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Then one night, he overheard the general manager telling a manager-in-training they could leave early, even though s/he was supposed to close so that OP could leave by midnight and make it to an early class.

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The GM said no problem, the manager-in-training could leave and OP could just leave at the regular time and he would finish up the next day.

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OP did exactly as he was told, but there was quite the mess left for the next day – something the GM was apparently not expecting (probably because he never did any of the work).

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The GM reprimanded OP, even though he’d only done as he’d been told, and suspended him for two weeks.

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Realizing what he had done, he called him on a Friday night and demanded that he come in to work because there was no on else to cover the shift.

Then he turned in his notice and was never scheduled again – though he did learn that the GM himself had to cover 18-20 hour shifts in his absence.

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Sometimes you have to know when to walk away from a job that just doesn’t appreciate you.

And if you’re a manager like this guy, you spend a lot of time regretting the ones that get away.