Proof That Someone’s Last Day on the Job Is Not the Day to Test Them

Depending on the circumstances, a person’s last day at work can either be a time of uncertainty, or even anger, or it can be a cause to celebrate moving on to something better (even if you’re a bit sad about leaving behind the people you know).

Either way, a person who is performing their final hours of duty doesn’t have a lot of f**ks to give, y’all. There can be no consequences (of the garden variety) and so their patience for bulls*%t is probably pretty low.

This girl was on her last day as a hostess at a restaurant where people are required to wear masks as part of a corporate policy.

So it’s my last day at my most recent restaurant job. Now the restaurant I work in requires all customers wear masks when they’re not at the table. I try to explain that it comes from a corporate level and I have no say in the matter, but I end up dealing with a lot of angry people.

A large group comes in without masks. She informs them they have to wear them whenever they are not seated at their table, and a pregnant woman objects, saying she has a medical exemption.

The restaurant doesn’t recognize those, and it’s just to the table, OP explains.

I’m a host and a large party comes in. I tell the party that everyone needs to wear masks until they get to the table. A younger pregnant lady tells me she is not required because she’s pregnant and has a medical exemption. I explain that our restaurant does not recognize medical exemptions and she will be required to wear one just until she gets to the table.

The party argues and blusters, but everyone puts on their masks and heads to their meal.

On the way out, the pregnant lady asks for OPs name in a sugary, not-sweet voice.

The whole group gives me the usual snark, legal arguments, conspiracy theories etc. but eventually they all put on their masks and are seated. Well about an hour later the party is leaving. The pregnant woman comes back to the host stand. She thanks us for excellent service and asks me (in a tone that was polite but laced with contempt) what my name is.

OP happily provided her name, since she wouldn’t be working there anymore when the woman called to complain – but also, she didn’t do anything wrong.

She even spelled it out, which I have to imagine was done with relish.

Now it’s my last day at this restaurant. The next day I will be in my pajamas, sipping coffee, and working from home without a care in the world. With my mask hiding my grin, I tell her my name proudly. My IRL name is unique and very easy to misspell so I spell it out for her letter by letter and makes sure she knows it right. I’m the only one with my name in the whole restaurant. In a tone that says “I’m gonna get you in so much trouble” she says “thaaank yooou” and leaves.

Everyone laughed about the lady who didn’t want to follow the rules, and honestly, it sounds like OP is hoping to hear some followup, and it’s hard to blame her.

All my coworkers joke about it being my last day and how much trouble I’m NOT going to be in as soon as she calls and finds out I no longer work there. I’m keeping up with Yelp and google reviews to see if my name pops up but nothing yet.

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I’m living a little bit vicariously because I always wished I would have an opportunity like this on a last day! Argh!

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Did you get the payoff you wanted?