Rare Pink Dolphin Gives Birth to Beautiful Pink Calf

Photo Credit: YouTube

Dolphins are one of those species chock full of charisma. Everybody loves dolphins. But when they are colored pink? That’s just magical.

Photo Credit: YouTube

One such unusually colored dolphin, called Pinky, was first noticed about 12 years ago cavorting in Louisiana’s Calcasieu River. Now, there are reports that Pinky has given birth–to a pink calf!

Experts say a rare genetic mutation caused Pinky’s unique rosy hue. Not many dolphins have this mutation. But, now that Pinky’s offspring is obviously pink too, there’s hope for more of these wonderful mutants.

Captain Erik Rue first spotted and photographed Pinky back in 2007, and says she is completely pink, with glossy skin and red eyes.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Another woman, named Bridget Boudreaux, claimed, in 2017, she saw two pink dolphins swimming in the channel. But, unfortunately, she couldn’t get them in photos.

Then, last year, a video was posted to the Pinky The Dolphin Facebook page that clearly showed mother and calf leaping out of the water ahead of a ship.

The sighting of the pink duo is good news for both tourists and locals who love to see Pinky when she decides to make an appearance.

Let’s hope Pinky gets to have more babies–the pinker the better!