The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in ways we never expected, and even rats are feeling the pinch.

Work, school, and socializing have all come to a standstill, and while some places have reopened, there’s no telling when things will be back to normal. Families and pets have been affected, as has New York City’s rat population.

Since the city shut down in mid-March, the rats have become desperate for food, and with their desperation come increased confidence, particularly as restaurants reopen for outdoor dining.

That’s right… rats are brazenly crawling across shoes and hopping up on tables for any crumbs left behind!

Rats have plagued the Big Apple since its beginnings, but as the city is in the middle of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and restarting the economy, the pests are much further down on the list for city officials. So, people are taking matters into their own hands.

Some residents have joined together to take their dogs rat-catching around the city. While they can kill as many as 20 rats in four hours, it’s barely making a dent, as there are close to two million rats to contend with.

Another thing that hasn’t helped as the is the city’s sanitation measures, which have been cut since the pandemic began, adding to the perfect storm for attracting rats.

However, as gruesome it may be, it looks like residents will have to co-exist with the pests until the city can take substantial measures to combat them.

Of course, you can always have dinner at home.

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