12 People Who Are More Disappointed Than Words Can Describe

What’s that classic line? “The best-laid plans of mice and men… often make for hilarious lists on the internet.”

Disappointment doesn’t even begin to capture what these people are feeling in the following photos. So sit back, scroll through, and be thankful that you aren’t them.

1. “This mask didn’t turn me into the cutie from the package.”

Photo Credit: Twitter: @jolammert

2. “We ordered a wedding cake. These are wedding rings
on a cushion.”

Photo Credit: novosibirsk.flamp.ru

3. “I didn’t want that Switch as a present.”

4. “My younger sister was so happy about her first day at school…until she realized that I couldn’t stay with her.”

Photo Credit: Twitter: @meriah_j

5. “When your mom promised you a birthday party, but, in fact, it is a party for her…”

6. Story of my life.

Photo Credit: Imgur: CastIronChaos

7. Bestie: I want you to take a picture of me in the hammock like in this girl’s Instagram!
Me: No problem.

8. How does it even come to this?

Photo Credit: Twitter: @__Lad_

9. Ah, vacation…

Photo Credit: Reddit: gbdallin

10. Apple has yet to invent the technology to prevent this.

Photo Credit: Imgur

11. “In this café, they offer to put an egg into any dish for only 50 cents. I asked them to put it in my drink as a joke. I don’t know what I expected.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: 25dollars

12. “This lollipop was not so tasty after I saw the lie.”

h/t: BrightSide

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