People Are Sharing Photos And Asking ‘What Is This Thing?’

Photo Credits: Reddit, Slip3rySlime and Reddit, YerAhLizard Harry

Technology is constantly advancing. Today, we have things so automated that there are plenty of old inventions we’ve never needed to use. Some of these inventions are pretty straightforward, but others look of alien civilization. Just look at these 15 inventions that Reddit users had no idea how to use.

1. “I know every rooster’s job except for the second one from the right on the bottom. What is he holding?”

Photo Credit: Reddit: thesluttyjew

That’s a mash paddle, which is used for making beer.

2. “Metal sidewalk rings found all over Portland.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: 13thmurder

Rings like these used to be used as horse hitches. In fact, some people still hitch toy horses to them for fun.

Photo Credit: Imgur: snowandcrete

3. “Found among my Grandfather’s personal things. He lived from 1924 to 2017 but I don’t know when it is from. He was a doctor and also in the Navy if that helps.”

This is a spring-loaded coin holder, perfect for an afternoon at the arcade (though I doubt that’s what their grandfather used it for).

4. “A mysterious circular brush included with some cooking utensils.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: zadakh

This weird looking hairbrush is actually a corn de-silker. It gets rid of the silky strands from corn.

5. “What is this? It has 2 holes for wall mounting, and it has a magnet with that metal bottle cap looking thing.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: XGareBearX

It’s a soap holder. The cap grips the soap and prevents it from sliding off.

6. “A weird bottle found at a garage sale. One end has a cap and opens and the other is sealed glass.”

This is a type of rolling pin that you would fill with ice water to help roll out pie crust.

7. “Found among my late grandma’s things.”

An old-fashioned knife/razor blade sharpener.

8. “What is this? At the OB/GYN. The metal thing is connected to a computer.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: Grimander

This is a urine flow rate meter. That metal thing is a scale and normally there would be a plastic bin on top of it.

9. “Can anyone tell me what this is?”

Photo Credit: Reddit: icMLD

It’s an old-school hand warmer. You light the stick inside, and it would slowly burn and warm up your hands on a cold day.

10. “I found this in a bag of pens I got from a second-hand store. What is this thing?”

A “seam ripper,” used to take apart seams that have already been sewn.

11. “Found on a beach in San Diego, some layers appear to be translucent.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: Slip3rySlime

This is a chunk of compressed trash from a Navy ship.

12. “Found while remodeling — what is it for?”

Photo Credit: Reddit: Sybine

This specific tool scrapes and grates the insides of coconuts.

13. “What are these spoons?”

Photo Credit: Reddit: RschDev

Vintage cocktail spoons used for mixing and mashing various ingredients into your drink.

14. “Found this in my mom’s kitchen. What is it?”

Photo Credit: Reddit: Jaepanic

A potato baker. You impale the potatoes on the spikes and stick it in the oven.

15. “My Mom and Dad just bought a house and the previous owners left this on a shelf. Any ideas on what it is?”

Photo Credit: Reddit: McMagz1987

People used to use this to collect crumbs from the table after meals and empty ashtrays.