Relationship Goals: Science Explains Why Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Are Solid

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Didn’t we all suspect this? The couples who can laugh together and give each other a bit of ribbing are the ones that have the most stable relationships?

University of Kansas researcher Jeffrey Hall knows. He has studied over 15,000 people in the last 30 years. Needless to say, he has seen what makes a relationship tick and what makes them sink.

But here’s something super key: you have to have the same kind of “sense of humor” or it just doesn’t work.

Says Hall:

“People say they want a sense of humor in a mate, but that’s a broad concept. That people think you are funny or you can make a joke out of anything is not strongly related to relationship satisfaction. What is strongly related to relationship satisfaction is the humor that couples create together.”

Inside jokes, making fun of each other (and actually liking that) and creating a shared, humorous life really helps lock it all down and make you feel like you’ve got a partner who really understands you.

Or as Hall puts it (which is WAY better than what I just said):

“Say you and your partner share a quirky sense of humor, but romantic comedies or sitcoms do nothing for either of you… It’s not that any style or a sense of humor is any better or worse. What matters is that you both see quirky humor as hysterical. If you share a sense of what’s funny, it affirms you and affirms your relationship through laughter.”

So what do Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have to do with this?

Well, it’s tough to find two people who publicly “get” each other more than these two.

Here’s Reynolds making fun of another relationship, just for a taste of what’s to come.

And then Blake, of course, is just as sassy.

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When people use the hashtag #RelationshipGoals, it feels like it was tailored made for these two. They’re so in love it makes me kind of sick.

Photo Credit: BlakeLively/Twitter

You see? That ^^^ was PERFECTION. Together forever? Yup!

Yeah, these two will die in each other’s arms.

Photo Credit: BlakeLively/instagram

Basically, if you find somebody who makes fun of Ryan Reynolds when he looks longingly into Helen Mirren’s eyes like the way Blake Lively does and it makes your little heart go pitter patter… PUT A RING ON IT!