Some Rich A-Holes from a UK Town Protect Their Cars by Terrorizing Birds With Giant Tree Spikes


This is just depressing. I mean, is nothing sacred anymore? This story comes to us from the UK, and I gotta say, I think wealthy folks have stepped over the line this time. Apparently, people across the pond are putting up spikes on trees near their houses to keep birds away…so our feathered friends don’t shit on their fancy cars. No, this is not a joke.

Photo Credit: Twitter, JMAGarrett

This ritzy neighborhood in Bristol has tried other ways to keep the birds away before but none of the methods worked. So, naturally, the only logical solution is to put huge spikes all over their habitat, right?

You’re right, James, this is “truly bonkers.” And other people agree, too.

Photo Credit: Twitter, SkycladFox

Photo Credit: Twitter, stevoallain

Photo Credit: Twitter, AlanLewis05

I’m really hoping this is how this story ends…

h/t: Pizza Bottle