Ryan Reynolds Is Remaking ‘Home Alone’ Into a Stoner Comedy Movie

Image Credit: Disney Films

Basically, if you grew up on the classic tale of a young boy left to fend for himself when his distracted parents leave him behind while they travel to Paris, you’re…going to be a bit surprised.

Probably pleasantly so, since Ryan Reynolds has proven time and time again to be pretty darn hilarious.

The Deadpool star is set to not only produce the reimagining, but to play the lead role in it as well. In Stoned Alone, he’ll play a twenty-something who spends the entire movie alone and afraid in his house whilst incredibly high.


And honestly, that seems to be where the divergence from the source material ends.

The stoner lead misses out of a holiday vacation only to return home, toke up, and then realize that thieves have broken into his house.

The original Home Alone leaned heavily on the natural comedy of a small boy trying to navigate an adult world for the first time, and it spawned lines and scenes that have become nothing less than iconic: the screaming in the mirror, the jumping on the bed, the “Merry Christmas, you filthy animal” gem.


It was a smash hit when it released in 1990 and remains near and dear to people’s hearts today. Reynolds, apparently one of those people, couldn’t resist the opportunity to put his own unique stamp on a beloved modern classic.


Let’s hope that his collaboration with writers Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider (The Package) and director Augustine Frizzell (Euphoria) proves fruitful, and in the end, gives audiences something to laugh about instead of having to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Either way, we’ve still got the original. No one can ever take that away.