This Rescue Kitty Has Four Ears and One Eye

Image Credit: Instagram

Rescuing animals gives you an amazing feeling, but it can be just as challenging as it is rewarding.

That goes double when the animal has a deformity or some other challenge beyond which it could be hard for the average person to see, and when people first discovered Frankenkitten (Frankie for short), they surely must have wondered whether anyone would want him.


With four ears and one eye, it’s hard to blame them for wondering.


But someone did!

“He was born under a suburban house to a feral mother,” his owner, Georgi Anderson, told Bored Panda. “He was found with one living sibling but there may have been more that did not survive. The homeowners took Frankie and his brother in for several weeks to socialize them and fatten them up before bringing them to the shelter for medical care and rehoming.”


Frankie did have two eyes when he arrived, but medical issues meant one had to be removed. He also suffers from joint problems in his hind legs that cause his knees to slide in and out of place.


Without the kindness of the strangers who found him, and then those who provided him medical care to prevent sepsis, Frankie would not have survived.

His adoptive mom says that Frankie’s sweet nature struck her far more than his odd looks.

“I knew he was special in a way I couldn’t quite describe.”

She says he’s recovered well and spends his days sleeping, being “cheeky,” and annoying the dogs in the house.

A cat, pretty much, like any other.

I want to smoosh him.