Say It with Me, People: “Quotation Marks” Are Not for “Emphasis”

Image Credit: Reddit

I can be a bit of a grammar snob (it comes with the territory when you’re a writer), but there are some things that get under my skin so much that it’s impossible to keep my mouth shut.

Like when you pick up a prescription, and the label says it’s for, quote, “Cameron,” unquote.

My imaginary child? Cameron in theory? I don’t understand.

And that’s just the beginning of people using quotation marks to emphasize words instead of for their actual use, which is to either mark dialogue or direct speech or a quote. Using them to emphasize a specific word is not okay, people.

That way lies madness.

Don’t be like these 15 people, basically.

#15. In this case, you really want it to actually be blank.

I feel so sorry for that actor from UnnecessaryQuotes

#14. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do here.

I don’t know which is more annoying, the quotes or the PLSSSS. from UnnecessaryQuotes

#13. Fake corn cheese curds are still cheese curds I guess.

I can only assume "corn" is "drugs," right? from UnnecessaryQuotes

#12. Please have a DD who is not sober in quotes.

Seems legit… from UnnecessaryQuotes

#11. So both are up for debate?

I "think" I’ll "pass". from UnnecessaryQuotes

#10. That might be a threat.

is this a threat from UnnecessaryQuotes

#9. It could be accurate in this case.

Should I be worried about the freshness of this meat?? from UnnecessaryQuotes

#8. Definitely drugs.

I always buy my "candy" at my local bowling alley from UnnecessaryQuotes

#7. Welp, not eating there.

I’ll totally "wash my hands" from UnnecessaryQuotes

#6. Sounds about right.

I wonder what this auto shop ‘actually’ does to Hondas… from UnnecessaryQuotes

#5. Umm. Too many jokes, all inappropriate or offensive to some.

I don’t know if I want to visit this so-called "Church" of yours….. D: from UnnecessaryQuotes

#4. Yeah, I’m staying away from this bell.

"Meat Service" from UnnecessaryQuotes

#3. Mom ain’t stopping.

Stop Mom! Free "FACE PAINTING"! from UnnecessaryQuotes

#2. How rude!

How to emasculate your employees from UnnecessaryQuotes

#1. Sure you do.

My husband received this at his new job from UnnecessaryQuotes

Use your quotation marks appropriately, folks. It’s everyone’s job.