Science Says It’s Actually Good for Your Kids to Learn How to Swear

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I don’t know about you, but my Boomer parents are far more concerned about the sort of language we use around our children than we (GenX shoutout) ever thought about being – but who’s right?

Well, according to science, parents who curse around their kids should cut themselves a bit of slack.

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Research has linked swearing in general to honesty, better vocabularies, better credibility, improved friendships, and assisting with anger management,

Yeah, really. Swearing IS NOT a bad thing.

Who knew?

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Now author and researcher Dr. Emma Byrne is here to tell you that all of those positives – plus a better understanding of language in general – also apply to your kids.

The prevailing societal opinion of keeping “strong language away from kids until they know how to use it effectively” isn’t helpful, and that she strongly argues that “we should revise this attitude.”

“Learning how to use swearing effectively, with the support of empathetic adults, is far better than trying to ban children from using such language.”

After all, do we as parents really need reminders that banning a thing only makes it a mystery?

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Plus, if it’s not allowed, you won’t be able to help your children understand how such language can affect the people and the world around them.

Byrne drew her conclusions from a number of studies and surveys, and she should know: Byrne is an expert on both neuroscience and child development – and she’s passionate about the use of “bad” language.

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Pick it up if you’re interested in learning more about the topic – Swearing is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language – and hit up her website, too.

Have a great f*cking day, my friends. Swear on.