12 Screenshots of ‘Nice Guys’ on Dating Apps That Escalated


Some guys tend to get really angry really fast on dating apps. If a lady doesn’t give into a guy’s every whim or she gives him the cold shoulder (which is how dating apps work, so…?), some fellas fly off the f’ing handle.

Here are some good examples…

1. That escalated quickly.

Reposting because I accidentally deleted the original post; “Sent within the same hour apparently. Stolen from r/Tinder”
byu/TheOriginalCJ_x inniceguys

2. Her response is great.

Friend went on one tinder date with this guy and he was way too clingy, so she told him to chill out. A couple weeks no contact went by and then…
byu/thelryan inniceguys

3. Kind of passive-aggressive.

The perfect tinder bio doesn’t exi-
byu/splintorious inniceguys

4. He’ll treat you like a queen.

Swiping through tinder and came across this
byu/iismeh inniceguys

5. Gross.

and then i never used bumble again.
byu/shutupkelley inniceguys

6. A bit extreme.

I’m a gentleman who thinks tinder is ruining society. If you won’t hook-up with me go somewhere else.
byu/reddrick inniceguys

7. I’ll choose option D.

a great opening line my friend got on tinder. she was unmatched after her response
byu/babyprincess- inniceguys

8. Oh dear…

One of my friends matches on Tinder…
byu/MrFrowny_ inniceguys

9. What a catch!

This guy has to be getting all the matches.
byu/attemptednotknown inniceguys

10. Take it down a notch.

Found on tinder
by inniceguys

11. Total psycho.

My sister is trying out tinder, and already found a “great guy!”
byu/sexykristinith inniceguys

12. Oh my…

my first post… i matched with a guy who said he was 20 (i’m 18). he made me drive almost an hour into the city to meet him and when i got there he was clearly in his 40s. check those time stamps in the first picture.
byu/g-e-e inniceguys

Ladies, have you had this happen to you?

If so, tell us your stories in the comments. Ugh!